All About Outsourcing: What it is, types and advantages?

Outsourcing is a type of outsourcing, in which a company seeks to outsource a department or function of its company and delegate it to another that specializes only in it.

The companies grant it the necessary resources and responsibilities, both for personnel, as well as the planning and operation of the activity.

Today, we have a wide range of outsourcing services are available such as bookkeeping services, customer service, accounting, legal, and admin services.

What type of outsourcing can you hire?

IT outsourcing. For example, a company that requires its network to be reliable, fast, and secure requires 24-hour support. Many small and medium-sized businesses cannot afford the cost of a full-time IT professional.

– Outsourcing of purchases: When a company handles a lot of office materials and supplies and its purchasing department loses more than 7 hours a week performing repetitive tasks. Reviewing orders and requests from departments, approving, looking for suppliers, and the best prices, traditional and little automated processes about invoices.

– Marketing Outsourcing: Many companies now outsource this function when their businesses are not paying off. A digital marketing agency will help you create a program to combine internet sales and advertising campaigns.

– Administration and accounting outsourcing: Outsourced Admin is an innovative technology but the oldest within outsourcing companies. It consists of transferring everything related to the legal, accounting, and administrative area.

– Outsourcing of personnel selection: It seeks to provide companies with solutions related to the search for professionals with the profile agreed by the client.

– Cleaning outsourcing for offices: This type of company provides cleaning and maintenance to the industry according to customer needs. They are oriented with different plans: part-time or full-time, hourly, or specific cleaning. In this way, you avoid the hiring of personnel and the purchase of supplies for the maintenance of the spaces.

How to know when it is better to hire outsourcing?

– When complaints and requests from your departments are not being immediately addressed by the operations manager.

– When you don’t have an automated internal communication process related to orders, quotes, and approvals.

– When your employees spend more than 2 hours a day waiting for their request to be answered by the boss.

– When your team is not an expert. You do not have all the tools and skills necessary to carry out a specific activity or project.

– If you consider that the relationship expenses (operating, salaries, and supplies) versus the results are not paying off.



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