All about poker ranges and 6 Max poker games

One of the most played poker games is the 6 Max poker games. In online cash games, you will spot many players playing this format. They seem to have taken over the full-ring nine-player games in recent years.

If you are a poker veteran, you must be knowing about the six-handed format of online poker games and how to play the game with the best strategy. If you know the excellent strategy for playing six-handed poker, you will ace the cash games and poker tournaments. The short-handed skills will make you emerge as a stronger player.

Once you know how to play poker, the next step should be creating a perfect strategy to play six max poker. Before talking about the strategy for hand selection and opening ranges, let us know about the format.

What is Six-Max Poker?

This is a format in which a maximum of six players can play the game at the table. It is different from the traditional full-ring games, where up to nine players are allowed at the table. Unlike the conventional positions where the players played tight under the positions called Under the Gun, Under the Gun plus One, and Under the Gun plus two.

Positions in six-handed format

The six-handed format positions are Low jack, Hi Jack, Cut Off, Button, Small Blind, and Big Blind.

This format is looser as compared to the full-ring format as it has fewer players. In this game, there is more time to play hands and less time is spend to fold. Hence it is a preferred format. This format is used primarily in cash games.

Ways to select the best 6 Max opening ranges

You must be aware that the poker opening range casts an essential impact on your poker strategy. So, you must know the starting hand ranges. A well-structured range is imperative for a hand selection to know the best spot for you.

Ensure to raise hands that have a good expected value. If you are closer to the dealer button in the game, you have a wider range of hands to open-raise. So, the action folds to you if you are in the corresponding position.

Preflop Ranges

Adjusting your preflop ranges is essential. If you know your opponents’ tendencies, you can change your ranges accordingly. Knowing your opponent is good as you can modify your opening hands.

If your opponents are playing a tight and conservative game, you must loosen up your opening ranges. This is done to play empty pots. But if you have an aggressive player to your left, go for pick tighter ranges. You can also opt for playing a wider range of hands if you have the edge over the players.


These unique concepts, like poker ranges and little intricacies, make poker unique and challenging. Play cash games for real money and get entertained, just like several poker enthusiasts from all over the world.

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