All About Pterygoid Dental Implants

Tubero pterygoid implants are made specifically for those who do not have enough bone mass in their upper jaws for regular dental implants.

To address this issue to overcome this issue, single piece implants are placed precisely within your upper second molar location, and at an angle to take advantage of the sturdy and strong pterygoid bone over your jaw.

What is a Tubero Pterygoid Dental Implant?

Tubero Pterygoid Dental Implants are a great option for those who have a deficiency in bone mass in their jaws. In these types implant, cortex of bone in the pyramidal process as well as the pterygoid bone plate are utilized to anchor the implant to the jaw bone. Like zygomatic implant, they are employed in situations when the patient has experienced significant loss of bone.

Benefits of Tubero Pterygoid Dental Implants

There are many benefits to selecting the dental implant over any other alternatives for replacement, including:

Convenient & Comfortable

In your mouth all the time, it provides good security with no screw loosening and no requirement for regular removal (unlike the case with a dental prosthesis).

Natural Feel

Create your own natural 14 teeth using close-to-perfect standards of the feel functionality (e.g. eating food, speaking) as well as aesthetics, psychology and even maintenance.

Single Procedure

Other procedures, such as bone grafts or sinus lifts are not required, therefore, you can get the tubero pterygoid dental implant in one session.

This decreases the time to treatment as well as costs and complications.

Do I Need Tubero Pterygoid Dental Implants?

You may need Dental Implants if:

If you’ve been found to be unsuitable for dental implants, it is because you don’t have enough bone mass upper jaw,

If you’re missing a lot of tooth in the upper part of your jaw

If you’ve got any loose or failing tooth in the upper jaw,

If you are wearing an unsatisfactory full or partial upper denture.

If you’re concerned about the need to wear an upper denture, you should be.

Stage 1: Preparation Stage

The impressions and intraoral scanners (also known as scans) of the mouth, as well as the color of your present and planned teeth are taken during an initial appointment.

Stage 2: Placement of Tubero Pterygoid Dental Implants

Eating Before the Procedure

On the day of appointment of your tubero-pterygoid dental implants, it is recommended to not eat anything for 4 hours before the procedure.


Prior to starting, the appropriate regions will be completely numbed by a local anaesthetic to ensure that you don’t be in any discomfort throughout the entire process just a little pressure or vibrations.

It is also possible to be placed under IV sedation prior to your treatment or general anaesthesia, based on your specific needs and an personal treatment plan.

Extraction of Teeth & Insertion of Tubero Pterygoid Dental Implants

Your dentist will take care of any extractions required of the teeth involved. After that, your dentist will precisely insert the tubero pterygoid implants inside your upper jaw.

Interim Tubero Pterygoid Bridge Prostheses

Our in-house laboratory will start to make your custom tubero prostheses for bridges that will be utilized for a few days as your permanent prostheses are manufactured.

The interim prostheses are attached to the implant fixtures during the same appointment, and fully restoring your smile’s appearance and function that same day.

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