All About the Amazon Affiliate Program

Want to earn money from your website or blog in simple steps? If yes, then you need to know about the Amazon affiliate program, or you can say Amazon Associates which is a super easy and genuine way to make money out of your blog and website. All you need to do is sign up, get reliable approval, and put the Amazon affiliate links on your website or channel. And now every time anyone makes a purchase from Amazon by clicking on any of your links, you will get a small part of their money. Here we have a detailed guide to let you know how to work with it. But first, you should know what exactly is Amazon Affiliate Program.

What is the Amazon Affiliate Program?

The Amazon Affiliate program or you can say Amazon Associates, is a marketing program. It encourages bloggers and website owners to become Amazon associates for free. In return, you will have to endorse the Amazon products on their sites and pages by creating links. And every time someone would click the links to buy products from Amazon, the Amazon associates will get commissions on each purchase.

How to Become an Amazon Affiliate

1. Create a Website or Blog.

The first important criterion for becoming an Amazon Associate is that you should possess a popular website, or blog, or app, or a channel on YouTube. It is good if you already have loaded the site with engaging content so that it proves to be active as well as authentic to Amazon and other users. During the application process, you must explain the aim of your website properly. Therefore, be clear about what you want from your site, which kind of audience you want to target, and what tactics would you use to channel traffic to your site.

2. Go on the Amazon Associates Homepage

To become an Amazon associate, you must have an Amazon Associates account. For that, navigate to the homepage of Amazon Associates and tap on the ‘Join Now for Free’ option. From there, you can log in or create an account.

3. Build Your Amazon Associates Profile By Selecting ‘New Customer’.

After you create your Amazon account and sign in to it, tap on the New Customer option and keep following the prompts. These prompts will lead you to build your profile.

4. Fill out Your Account Information.

Fill in your correct account information your name, phone number, address, etc.

5. Enter Your Website Address.

Provide your webpage address, or YouTube channels, or app, etc.

6. Enter Your Preferred Store ID.

Then you will be asked to provide your store ID. Your store ID is usually the name of your website. Now as a part of your application, describe what are the aims and goals of your website, then choose the Amazon topics your links can relate to and can target.

7. Explain How You Drive Traffic To Your Site.

Describe the tactics you pursue to bring traffic to your websites, explain how you generate money through your website or app, write how you create links, and what is the average monthly reach of your website.

8. Type Your Phone Number.

Provide your contact number, and click on the Call Me Now option. Then you will get a call from Amazon who will ask you to enter a 4 digit code. Once you do that, Amazon will approve your account.

9. Select Your Payment Method.

You get the option to provide your credit card details and tax ID details now or later. Choose the desired option and then go to your dashboard.

10. Create Amazon Affiliate Links.

After creating your account, you will be redirected to your homepage where you can see your performance dashboard that will include the overview of your earnings, monthly statement, as well as total clicks on your link. This is where you will find the links to the products you want to associate with your content.

How to Create an Amazon Affiliate Link

1. Log In To Your Amazon Associate Account.

This is where you create the link text in such a way that connects the product you are endorsing on your website.

2. Click On Product Linking In The Top Banner And Select Product Links.

You will be redirected to the prompt where you can create your product links.

3. Add The ASIN Of The Product Or Search Amazon For The Product.

ASIN refers to Amazon Standard Identification Number which is a 10 digit code allocated to every product by Amazon used for identifying a product in their product account. One might look for it in the Product Information section in the description of the product. You will have to do it from another window. If you fail to find the ASIN, you can search it from the catalog for the product you are endorsing.

4. Click The Go Button

You can see the result at the bottom. Just make sure you are promoting the correct product.

5. Click The Get Link Button On The Right Side.

Now your Amazon Affiliate link is copied to your clipboard, and which you can now use for promotions.

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