All about the ICE Professional Review date

What is an ICE Professional Review?

The Institute of Engineers (ICE) offer a professional qualification via their professional review service. Through successful completion of the professional review service you are able to show your skills to potential employers and clients. Due to the nature of review process, you need to comply with the ICE Professional Review dates. The review itself is comprised of three key parts. These parts can be a test of skill, if you are concerned about your review, there is help available.


Why is the ICE professional review date specific?

To get professional qualification from the ICE you have to go through a multi-step review process. The aim of this process is to identify your current abilities based on your educational journey and professional journey so far. Firstly, you will need to provide any previous academic experience and qualifications. This allows ICE to assess your level of academic understanding. Next you need to submit a history of your previous work experience. This gives the ICE insight into your practical understanding. Finally, is the ICE professional review process. Due to the quantity of applicants per year this can be a very busy time for ICE. Therefore, they supply you with specific ICE professional review dates.


Review process

There are three steps to the professional review. Each of these are hosted on a specific date or are time sensitive. The first step is to apply for the ICE Professional Review. The application itself is date sensitive. You will need to have gathered together evidence of your academic qualifications, employment details and a few other bits of personal information.

Once you have applied you will then need to submit a detailed report on your collected evidence. The report itself needs to be up to 5,000 detailing why you should be considered for becoming professionally qualified. Alongside this report you will need to attach evidence of any continuous professional development you have undertaken.

The last step is the interview. This is the strictest of the ICE Professional Review dates. Each year the ICE provide everyone with the opportunity to attend an interview following their submission of evidence. To pass your application for professional qualification you do need to attend and pass this interview successfully.


How to prepare?

The whole process to becoming professionally qualified can be quite intimidating. There is a lot of work that goes into the professional review, and your application must be strong evidence of your skills as an engineer. Your application will take time to complete, as will the collection of evidence. Furthermore, the evidence you collect must be an accurate representation of your skills. To help you gather the correct evidence and create a strong argument as to why you should be professionally qualified, there are courses available that provide support and mentoring throughout your application.


ICE Professional Review with the College of Contract Management

One leading educational body is the College of Contract Management. They provide a coaching programme that will, over the course of 6 months, help you with your application and submissions. Not only will they help with the collection of evidence but they will also provide you with appropriate sponsors. Moreover, they will help you prepare for your final interview. One of the main selling points of this course, is that throughout the duration of the course you are able to get your current progress checked. Finally, the experienced staff at the College of Contract Management can provide feedback on your application and help you correct any errors.


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