All about the use of LED downlights

LED down lights are also called recessed lights. They are embedded into the ceiling. Recently, it has become an essential accessory in the modern room. Many people are fond of this sleek look and use it in their homes or businesses.

Where can I use LED Downlights?

LED downlights are a perfect lighting option for large rooms and rooms that have low ceilings. Recessed lights blend beautifully in the ceiling and do not consume more space, unlike the lighting options.

You can space the light evenly throughout the room. As they are recessed, they can be installed discreetly. An arrangement where the light can reach all corners of the room can be easily created.

How to install an LED Downlight?

LED downlights will need holes in the ceiling if you wish to install this new light fixture. It also offers a retrofit or already existing lighting fixture.

If you can call a professional person for installing the recessed lighting fixture, then nothing like it. If not, you will need a junction box. Place the same in the ceiling above the light fixture. It will provide you necessary electric wires and cables to connect the light to the main source of the power supply.

Check your Insulation Contact rating to know whether it is compatible with the insulation of your home or business.

Downlight for Outdoor Areas

For outdoor recessed lighting, find light fixtures and bulbs that can sustain dust and water. Its Ingress Protection (IP) rating may suggest the same. Reduce the hazards by shielding your lighting from these elements.

LED Light Bulb for Downlight

To be safe and prevent a fire hazard, do not choose a light bulb that does not match the recommended wattage for the light fixture. LED light bulbs illuminate brightly using less energy or watts than fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. Go for LED bulbs that maximize light and lower maintenance costs.

Beam angle

To control the beam angle of your downlight, install a gimble light frame. This way, you can move the light bulb to shine in the preferred direction.

If you have taller ceilings and need light intensity to be dispersed in a large area, go for LED High Bays

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