Are you aware?? The Regulations are changing
After the United Kingdom formally exits the EU, England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland will no longer be required to follow the European Commission’s framework for medical device regulation.The UK is free to do whatever it wants, including creating entirely new regulations after January 1st, 2021. Developing reams of sophisticated technical certification requirements that regulate all potential medical devices on the market, on the other hand, is neither quick nor simple, thus the UK is merely preserving the MDD framework (UK MDR 2002) and renaming it the UKCA marking procedure for the time being. Until July 1st, 2023, the UK will continue to accept CE-marked products from Europe. So don’t freak out! You still have time!
how Can I register medical devices in the UK?
If you live in the UK, you can register on your own. If you aren’t, you’ll need someone in the United Kingdom to do it for you.This is known as a UK Responsible Person, who is someone qualified to act on your behalf and essentially do the dealing with the MHRA for you.The qualification standards have yet to be revealed, but don’t simply pick your only UK friend you’ve met before; it must be someone who knows what they’re doing, like us at Cert3Global!
So, how to choose the UK Responsible Person (UKRP)?
Following Brexit and the publication of new UK MHRA laws and guidelines, there has been a surge in demand for UKRP Services. Numerous persons with a local presence in the UK began claiming to act as a UKRP, and many businesses have sprouted since then. These inexperienced companies exist just to generate cash from the UK MHRA’s regulatory obligations and do not provide regulatory compliance or customer happiness.
You must nominate an appropriate person or entity as your UKRP when selecting one.Your UKRP serves as your exclusive point of contact with UK regulatory agencies.Your UKRP will have a wide range of responsibilities, such as reporting any adverse events or complaints about your device to the MHRA and engaging in any and all interactions with the MHRA that you would usually do.

You will benefit from the following advantages if your UKRP is experienced:

  •  If your UKRP has the necessary skills, they will assure that the applications made the first time are accurate and that no objections arise as a result.
  • If the UKRP is inexperienced, they may be able to respond to basic inquiries but not major ones, which will result in a delay.So, Choose wisely!
  • If the UKRP is unfamiliar with the industry, he may be unaware of the MHRA regulations and may submit incomplete proposals. So, before deciding on UKRP, keep this in mind!
  •  It is highly suggested that you must choose a UKRP with significant experience in handling applications. It will result in quicker submissions and registration of your devices with the UK MHRA.

With the aforementioned situations thoroughly addressed, it is evident that any non-UK medical device company that wants to enter the UK market must realize the significance of appointing a UKRP and be aware of several significant factors following recruiting a UKRP.
Our UKRP services are attractively priced to be a cost-effective answer to your dilemma of not having an established UK base!To register your devices with the UK MHRA without difficulty or to appoint a UKRP, please visit

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