All Hunting the Enemy Intel Locations in Call of Duty: Warzone

Almost every gamer is fond of Call of Duty, its enormous popularity is the major reason why the first-person shooter game became a franchise. Call of Duty: Warzone is the eighth version of Call of Duty’s franchise and also one of the most popular. The game represents the final part of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Although, it’s been over four months since the Warzone has arrived but still there are several perks hidden inside it. However, Infinity ward along with Raven Software who are the developers of this game has offered a chance last week to the gamers. This chance has deliberately shown various hidden cell phones along with secret messages.

Several veteran gamers over the internet are flaunting their wittiness by unleashing the screenshots of hidden messages as well as mobiles. However, most of them don’t have any clue how to reach again to the precise location where they found the hidden secret items. Below we have provided a proper workaround that will brief the gamers about all the enemy intel locations in Call of Duty: Warzone.

All Hunting the Enemy Intel Locations

Before proceeding further to the following process, let us first brief the gamers about the enemy intel missions. These are the sort of missions that require gamers to spy over the enemies in search of secretive information. Gamers who will find a clue will get rewards for it and thus, this enemy intel mission is quite favorable for them.

First, players need to know that there are a total number of six enemy intel locations. Gamers need to use the map to track down all these locations and here are:

Ghost Sent You: First Location

The first location that gamers are after is to find the intel known as Ghost Sent you. Gamers simply need to visit the south region of Storage Town. Afterwards, they need to pursue the path that leads toward the warehouse. Once they have accessed the warehouse, then they need to find an empty swimming pool. Players need to find the stairs located adjacent to the swimming pool. Once gamers have succeeded in finding the stairs, then they need to take it to reach the top cabinet where they will find the intel.

SIGINT Was Relayed from Airport Military Wing: Location 2

The second location where gamers will find the second intel is started with the airport. Thus, gamers need to visit the airport. Afterwards, they need to head in the east location, where they have to keep on moving until they see various green buildings. Once gamers have successfully reached the precise location, then they need to find the L shaped building amongst green buildings. Once they have found the building, then they need to access it and inside that building, gamers will find the second intel resting on the desk.

Communication Interference Tracked to Western Bunker: Location 3

The gamers will find the third intel on the west side of the map. Gamers have to head towards Storage Town and Boneyard. Gamers need to keep on moving until they find a bunker with letter J painted on it. Gamers need to access the bunker through its precise door located on the south side. Once gamers have managed to successfully access the bunker, then they need to start finding the laptop. Once gamers have successfully found the laptop, then they will get the intel stored inside it.

An Enemy Laptop Could Supply Intel: Location 4

The fourth intel is hidden inside the same bunker as the third intel was however this time, gamers need to be equipped with spotter along with a loadout. Once gamers have managed to equip themselves with the precise requirements, then they need to access the same door inside which the laptop was hidden. Once they have successfully managed to access the door, they need to again open the laptop. However, this time they need to solve a puzzle to get to the fourth Intel and it can be easily solved through loadout.

A Meeting Took Place Downtown: Location 5

The fifth intel is available in the Downtown region and gamers need to use the map to reach to its north-west location. Gamers need to keep moving in the precise location until they see a river. Afterwards, they need to pursue the path besides the river until they see a hospital. Inside the hospital premises, gamers need to look for a store with BCH4 logo printed over it. Gamers need to access the store and once they successfully access it, then they will find the fifth intel inside it.

The Enemy Wants to Catch A Train: Location 6

The last intel will be found near the train station. Gamers need to visit the train station and then require to see the list of trains that are about to leave the station. Once gamers have successfully managed to see the departure list, then they need to interact with it from a close distance. Players will automatically get the sixth intel once they accomplish it.

Call of Duty: Warzone can be played on Xbox OnePS4, and PC.

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