All IR gas detectors are NOT the same!


Gas detectors play a significant role in the health and safety system within the workplace. Be it a personal gas monitor or fixed gas detection system, these systems help to combat the threats from hazardous and potentially lethal environments.

Simtronics Unique Technology:

Simtronics Infrared gas detectors are incredibly unique with features not available in other IR gas detectors and when compared with our competitors, you will find the Simtronics GD10P more technically advanced and a much more reliable gas detector.

Simtronics is a world leading manufacturer of night vision equipment since 1960’s. They have mastered the use of the Infrared technology for various applications. In the early 1980’s North Sea Oil & Gas operators approached Simtronics for a solution to replace problematic catalytic combustible gas detectors.

The GD100 was introduced in 1986 and it was an instant success with the offshore operators, some detectors are still in operation until now. In 1997 new manufacturing technologies and surface mount electronics allowed Simtronics to make the gas detector more compact and much more price competitive (GD10P series); this has led to a significant increase in sales. This is a proven technology with well over 100,000 detectors installed worldwide – The Simtronics SimSource™ IR sources have an RMTBF of over one hundred years and the Simtronics detectors are offered with a 15 years extended warranty on the IR sources.

The Simtronics SimSource™ is a patented solid state Silicon IR source used in the GD10P making it the only Point IR Gas detector that does not require field calibration or recalibration. In addition, the GD10P uses Lead Selenide detectors which are much more stable if exposed to rapid temperature changes than pyroelectric sensors used by other IR gas detectors. Lead Selenide will NOT give false readings if the detector is exposed to vibration.

No calibration- Simtronics uses “SimSource™” a Patented IR Source, to generate the IR signals -filament lamps require regular calibrations and have a limited lifespan.

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