All Lost Team Intel Locations in Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone is the latest installment in the Call of Duty franchise. Recently, the game has been blessed with a new Season. We all know that whenever a new season arrives in any Call of the Duty video game; new missions and weapons are always updated. Similar had happened with Warzone, a series of the missions have been added to it. These missions not only enhance gaming experience but also provide several essential rewards to the gamers who accomplish them.

Meanwhile, the new missions are based upon espionage; thus, it requires the gamers to obtain intel of foes and their secretive documents. Here, in this article, we are going to brief the players about the Lost Team intel mission because it is one of the hardest of all. Below, we have provided a proper workaround to accomplish the intel mission of Lost Team.

All Lost Team Intel Locations

In the following Intel mission, gamers need to gather information on their lost team. There are four intel locations that players have to visit to collect the information.

First Intel

Players can find the first intel in the Verdansk Airport. The intel is hidden in its underground tunnel and players also need to know that this tunnel is located on the northern side. Once players have found the first intel, then they need to move ahead towards the second one.

Second Intel

Gamers will find the second intel inside the house in Superstore. Players need to know that this house is located in the south region of Superstore. Once players have succeeded in reaching there, then they need to look for the building on the northern side. Inside that building, there is a small office in which players will find the intel. Once gamers have reached that office, then they need to start looking for the paper that is lying on the desk.

Third Intel

Afterwards, gamers need to visit the Downtown area and over there, they must follow the smoke. The smoke will take the gamers towards a burning helicopter that has crashed. Inside that helicopter, gamers will find their next intel. Players need to look for the spot through which they can easily access the helicopter without getting in contact with the fire. There is limited time because soon the intel will be destroyed from fire; thus, gamers need to gather the intel from the helicopter quickly.

Fourth Intel

The last and the fourth intel is divided into three pieces and to gather all of them, gamers need to visit the top of radio towers. There are three radio towers in Warzone, and players have to visit each of them to collect the piece specifically.

Once gamers have collected all the four intel, then they will get a notification that would tell them about the mission accomplishment.


It’s been over four months since Call of Duty: Warzone arrived, and it is still very popular. The latest intel missions have arrived in Call of Duty: Warzone, and in this article, we have briefed the gamers about the Lost Team Intel mission. Call of Duty: Warzone can be played on Xbox OnePS4 and PC.

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