All-Natural Mosquito Control Smithtown East Meadow

All-Natural Mosquito Control Smithtown East Meadow offers the most effective means of mosquito control for your yard. Whether front yard or back, it makes no difference: the entire area around your home can be infested during mosquito season. If you want to improve the comfort of your family during the summer months, and keep them free from the disease that mosquitoes can carry, then some means of control is essential.

Why a Mosquito Misting System?

You won’t control mosquitoes when they are in flight. Sure, birds will get some and perhaps bats in the evening, but that will make little difference to the general population of these reviled insects. You must get them when they have landed – when they are not active, and you must also do what you can to prevent them from breeding.

Let’s say you go out in the evening and they attack you; they ruin your barbecues; they attack your children and even your pets. What can you do? Well first you have to know when they are inactive. You will always know when they are active and buzzing around, but when are they most likely to be resting or even sleeping?

Mosquitoes do not sleep as we do; they simply slow down their metabolism to rest, but can become active in an instant if disturbed. They also do not like dry, hot conditions which can dehydrate them. That’s why they tend to rest away from the light, in sheltered, moist and humid conditions. They can usually be found on the underside of foliage leaves, deep inside clumps of grass, under drainpipes, inside guttering, barns and holes in trees and other structures.

You will not do much good by spraying them with ‘mosquito killer’ while in flight. Sure, you may get a few but what’s that among a few thousand! A mosquito misting system is the answer.

The Best Mosquito Control Systems

The most effective mosquito control for your yard is based upon a mosquito misting system. This sprays a fine mist on and under the foliage around your yard, creating a perimeter that is deadly to these insects – and other flying pests. When the insects land to rest they come into contact with an insecticide relatively safe to humans and most pets. You must still be careful with it, but it presents significantly lower risk than mosquitoes do.

If you employ a professional company to do this for you, they will first likely inspect your property and identify those areas where mosquitoes are most likely to rest and also breed. These will be treated first by spraying the underside of foliage and treating ponds and other standing water. Any old flower pots, tires and other containers that can hold still water will be removed. This action will deal with the major part of your problem and last around three weeks, when the treatment will be repeated.

Automatic Misting Control

If you elect to use an automated mosquito misting system, this will set up the mosquito-free perimeter mentioned earlier. The mist will spray from a number of nozzles set around your property, fed from containers that automatically operate at timed intervals when mosquitoes tend to be active: early morning, dusk and evening.

By using both systems, you are guaranteed to have a mosquito-free summer and enjoy your yard without being bitten. Mosquitoes are responsible for over 1,000 deaths or serious illnesses in the USA each year, and kill over 1 million people each year worldwide. A mosquito misting system is likely the best mosquito control system you can use in your yard to protect you, your family and your pets from these pesky bloodsucking insects.

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