All New Pokemon that Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra DLC will Launch

Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra DLC is so close to release. Players are so excited about this upcoming DLC expansion because it will bring a new location, new challenges, content, and the biggest thing is new Pokemon. There are already plenty of Pokemon available in Pokemon Sword and Shield, but the Pokemon Company and developers have decided to launch more Pokemon along with the new DLC expansion.

Trainers playing Pokemon Sword and Shield are excited to get new Pokemon because it will increase their interest. However, if any player is excited to take a look at the upcoming Pokemon, which they will catch, they can check out the details written below.

New Pokemon that are Going to Arrive Along with Crown Tundra DLC

The Crown Tundra DLC will offer a mix of both returning and new Pokemon. Probably, there will be 100 new Pokemon added into the game. As per the new Pokemon list, players will get plenty of them, while four of them will be quite familiar.

Galarian Articuno

It is the first legendary Pokemon that got the Galarian form. The original Articuno is Ice/Flying-type, but the Galarian Articuno will be Psychic/Flying-type. However, Galarian Articuno will have a signature Freezing Glare Psychic move that will allow the players to freeze their opponents.

Galarian Zapdos

Zapdos is the second legendary Pokemon to have Galarian form. Just like Articuno, Zapdos will also lose its original type and will be Fighting/Flying-type. Galarian Zapdos will be weak to electric moves. However, it will have a mix of Fighting and Electric move named Thunderous Kick.

Galarian Moltres

From the legendary trio, Moltres also got its Galarian form, and it will also lose its original type. The Galarian Moltres will no longer be a Fire-type, and it will be a Dark/Flying-type Pokemon. The signature move of Galarian Moltres will be Fiery Wrath.

Galarian Slowking

Another Pokemon from the Kanto region that will have a Galarian form is Slowking. The Galarian Slowking will be a Poison/Psychic-type Pokemon, and its signature move will be Eerie Spell. This move will deal great damage and lower the PP of the Pokemon it hits.


It will be a fresh new Pokemon in the game that will be Psychic/Grass-type Pokemon. This Pokemon will undoubtedly have no evolution form because it’s a legendary Pokemon. Currently, the only revealed ability of this Pokemon is Unnerve that prevents the foes from eating berries.


According to the available information, it’s a Dragon-type Pokemon that can use Dragon-type moves better than other Dragon-type Pokemon. The signature move of Regidrago will be Dragon Energy. It will drastically affect those Pokemon that have higher HP levels.


The final new Pokemon that trainers will get will be an Electric-type Pokemon. Regieleki possesses incredible Electric-type moves. Its signature move will be Thunder Cage that will put a ton of damage on the enemy. This single move can turntable and lead the trainers to victory easily.

Returning Pokemon

As mentioned earlier, nearly 100 Pokemon will arrive in the Crown Tundra DLC. In those 100 Pokemon, most of them will come across several generations. The Isle of Armor Pokemon will also be part of the upcoming DLC expansion. By adding all these Pokemon, there will be more than 200 Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield.


It will be interesting to see what will arrive in future updates. According to confirmed information, the Crown Tundra will offer a new location with a new environment. Players will get to see some new interesting improvements as well. Necessary improvements that Game Boy didn’t provide in the Isle of Armor, players will get all those things in Crown Tundra.

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