All Problems Solved – Here You Will Get Tricks To Pass Rings And Finding Motorboat Mayhem

Fortnite is the online video game that was created in 2017 by Epic Games. Three different game modes have a similar game engine and gameplay.

What Is Motorboat Mayhem?

Motorboat Mayhem is a place which is usually unaffected due to the flood. Yes, it is the latest area in the game that you will see in Fortnite Week 8. It is the lake that will also act as the racetrack after getting a Motorboat.

If you are from those who love to play Fortnite games, then you need to admit that Fortnite always gives hard challenges to their players, and Week 8 for the Fortnite is filled with some challenging tasks. Don’t worry, Week 8 is not different from the other levels. But when you are here, you must be concerned about the missing mysterious motorboat ride, and you might want to find it.

According to Newsweek’s reports, the real and challenging task on Week 8 is finding the Motorboat Mayhem. It is quite different from existing and previous challenges. Finding this vehicle is really a challenging task. If you think that it is an easy task, then you wouldn’t be reading this blog.

One of the crucial questions in this game is: where you will find the Motorboat? The answer to this question is quite easy. You will find it in the Lazy Lake Area. For finding the lake area, you need to find the unnamed pol in the battle Royale map. It is located on the small island on the southwest of Lazy Lake, and northwest Misty Meadows.

Once you are there, you will find an island with docks on borders. You should remember the image of the docks with borders so you wouldn’t get confused.

There you will find a motorboat. Now, get inside that Motorboat and enjoy the game. But always be sure that you will start riding from or near the starting line. You can also see the starting line like a racing track.

You will find more tips and tricks on several websites that might help you in playing this part. It is different from all the challenges by Fortnite. The challenge in this game is quite cool as it allows you to play the games with your online competitors. You might love to finish the task with a couple of boats present on the Lazy Lake.

What’s Next?

After picking the boat, the 15-seconds timer starts. Once the timer is finished, make sure to control the boat from all the rings. So, play safely.

For completing the Week 8 challenges, you should pass all the levels or hoops as soon as possible. At least finish them before the markers disappear.

You will get lots of time to complete this challenge on time, but you need to get all the things in one line to get the job done.  After getting a Motorboat, you can pass this level of the game without any issue.

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Source: All Problems Solved – Here You Will Get Tricks To Pass Rings And Finding Motorboat Mayhem

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