All-season tyres: A Worthwhile Investment Or Not?

Driving with all-season car tyres is convenient throughout the year compared to if you only own either summer or winter tyres. These tyres have their set of benefits that make them very popular worldwide. However, tyres in themselves are considered the most important yet neglected part of the vehicle. Hence more time should be dedicated to knowing about them before buying them.

Tyre changing could be a cumbersome job irrespective of the time of the year it is. To add to this, this task should ideally be conducted twice a year. However, this does not happen with all-season car tyres as they are just required to be installed once a year. This option is extremely flexible for drivers worldwide and offers a good reason to buy them. Swapping of tyres saves a great amount of effort, time, and money. Standard tyre fitting in a repair facility could prove very costly, which is not the case when it comes to all-season car tyres. The question of storage of the tyres also doesn’t arise, making them beneficial logistically. They have several advantages practically, but these would be of no use if their performance is not worth it. They eliminate the need to use winter or summer tyres to an extent, and in some countries, but for the rest, you must know in-depth the difference between them.

All-weather car tyres mix the primary features of winter and summer tyres and thus are fit to traverse different weather conditions. The profile of the tyre is special, combining the functions of various tyre types. These tyres offer good grip in low as well as high temperatures over the year. Given all these characteristics, these tyres may not perform as well as the individual winter and summer tyres during different seasons of the year.                         

Before you decide on purchasing the all-season car tyres, you must consider the following points:

  • What is the annual mileage of your car? How severe is the winter season in the area you live in? With the winter season approaching, would it be possible for you to leave your vehicle behind and instead choose other modes of transport?
  • Is it mandatory or a requirement legally in your region to swap between summer tyres Leicester and winter tyres? Would you be imposed a heavy fine if you do not switch your tyres seasonally? 


All-season car tyres might be seen as a worthwhile investment for some and a waste of money for many. The car’s annual mileage plays an important role in deciding whether or not you should buy these tyres. If the car’s mileage is less, these tyres could be considered as a good investment. Factually, the more the car is driven, the more are the chances of it wearing out fast. These tyres reach the limit of wearing out faster than the individual specialist car tyres. If the car’s mileage is high, it indicates that it would require to be bought again after a few years have passed. The mileage of your car will be low if it is being driven for commuting over short distances. In addition to the car’s mileage, the weather condition in your region, especially during the winter months, also makes a difference. If you experience snowfall in your area, purchasing winter car tyres would be a great idea. The all-season car tyres have been designed as a compromise between the two seasonal tyres. They have lesser slots or lamellae than the winter car tyres to bite effectively into the slush, snow, or ice. They might be better than using a summer car tyre in winters but still would not perform as efficiently as the winter car tyres themselves.

The all-season car tyres also have the M+S mark written on the tyres, just as they are written on the winter car tyres. They may also have the alpine or snowflakes sign on them for identification purposes. Therefore, it is vital to learn more about all the different kinds of tyres to tally them with your needs and requirements before buying either one. If in doubt or some confusion, it is always advisable to consult a tyre specialist who would guide you properly through this journey of decision-making. However, your association with tyres Leicester does not end here as once you have bought it, you would have to go through the next steps of ensuring its care and maintenance.

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