All That There is to Know About iOS 14

Apple introduced the latest version of its iOS operating system, iOS 14 last month. It is set to release this fall. It will be the biggest update that the tech giant has launched in all of the OS’s existence. The highlights (that we know of) are new features, app updates and improvements to Siri. They will also resolve smaller issues that will streamline the iOS interface.


Yes okay, we realize Apple is seven years late to the game, but they are finally here. Widgets are something that Android’s had for years, but still, Apple fans take solace in the fact that when Apple launches something, it is darn near perfect. They can be dragged from the ‘Today view’ to the Home screen. The sizes can be changed too, but you cannot put them right in the centre. They have to be set on either border of the screen, which isn’t a big thing, just one of those quirks Apple is famous for putting their customers through.

Smart Stack Feature

Using this feature, your iPhone will use on-device intelligence to provide you with the right widget based on different demographics. Every page on your Home screen can display the widgets. There’s also the redesigned Today section which will have all the widgets together and a widgets gallery to select new widgets and customize existing ones.

Everything at once!

Until now, the iPhone lacked any screen with all your apps displayed together. This changes with the iOS 14. You can swipe to the end of the apps and find a new App Library which will show all of your apps, at once, in one screen. The applications are organized in different folders, and there are default folders like Suggestions and Apple Arcade. You can hide away your apps so that your Home screen remains clean. Another “splendid” move by Apple that Android-based phones have had for years.

Saving Private Space-y

 There will be new space-saving features that are amazing. No more do we suffer at the hands of an incoming call during our favorite streams. The Siri requests and incoming calls will not take the whole screen. Instead, Siri will shift to the bottom of the screen in a small animated icon, and incoming calls(Facetime/VoIP) will be shown at the top on the banner.

Better Messaging

Apple users can now pin any important conversations and messages to not miss out on stuff. A pinned conversation will shift to the top and stay there while a simple right swipe pins messages in any chatbox, a huge requirement of group chats.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

Credit given where credit’s due, this feature was not expected by users and tech buffs since Apple generally takes time on such matters. So it was surprising to see them jump on the picture-in-picture bandwagon so fast. But it is here, and it looks super cool. You can watch videos, use other apps while using Facetime. Or vice-versa could shift the video to the bottom of the screen and do something else while watching the video. It is very efficient and looks great too!

Siri Updates!

Users will meet a smarter Siri, with an ability to answer an array of new questions using the internet. She can send audio messages and take dictation much better. Also, the dictation will run on the device to add a layer of security and privacy to the messages dictated.

What is App Clips?

A new feature added to the iOS, App Clips, is a smaller version of the full app to perform certain app functions without downloading the full app. Book an Uber, buy a book on Amazon or book movie tickets all through the clips, without the hassle of the full app.

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