All that you need to know About Tooth Jewellery Treatment

It is said that the best thing you can do with your lips is to smile. And for that dazzling smile that wins heart, it is imperative that you have dazzling teeth. A trend that is fast catching up these days in cosmetic dentistry is embellishing teeth with teeth jewellery. This is an advanced trend which involves placing a stone, gem or any other jewelry on the surface of the teeth. This trend is quickly growing in popularity owing to the sparkle it adds to your teeth. Decorating your teeth with sparkling pieces of jewellery allows you to conquer the hearts of everyone near you with that beaming smile.

What is a Tooth Jewellery Treatment?

To add jewellery to your teeth, a hole is not drilled in your teeth and the gem is not fixed there. Instead, the jewellery is attached to the surface of the teeth with careful precision. And since it is a form of decoration for your teeth, the gems or stones are usually placed in the front of the mouth, away from the gum area where it is unlikely to be seen. Popular choices for teeth jewellery include crystals, rubies, diamonds and sapphires.

To opt for a temporary or a more stable attachment depends upon the person on whom the procedure is being carried out. A temporary attachment can last for up to six weeks whereas a semi-permanent attachment can usually last a lifetime.

What is the procedure like?

Tooth Jewellery Treatment is a fairly straightforward procedure, which does not cause any pain either before or after the jewellery is placed.

Tooth preparation— Before the start of the procedure, the tooth enamel is first cleaned with a fluoride.

Composite application—A bonding agent and a composite is then placed on the tooth where the jewellery is to be fixed.

Jewellery placement— Next, the dentist uses specific instruments to fix the jewellery into the composite.

Setting— The tooth is lightly cured(hardened) and a small amount of flow composite is applied to the surface.

Aftercare— After the jewellery is applied, it is advised not to vigorously brush teeth or eat sticky food. Also, good oral hygiene should be maintained and care should be taken not to play with the jewellery.

Facts about tooth jewellery

It is a non-invasive(non-surgical) and painless procedure. Barring few precautions, a strict maintenance and aftercare regime need not be followed. The process is fully reversible and no harm comes to the tooth enamel once the jewellery is removed.


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