All the Parts of Your Wedding Penn Oaks Golf Club Can Host

When you are searching for wedding venues in Chester County PA, you will often be concerned with how quality of a venue that you will receive. Here at Penn Oaks Golf Club, we can host all the major parts of your wedding. Below, we will cover all the aspects of our services for your wedding.

Bridal Showers Sometimes, there are events like bridal showers that will take place before you wedding does. If you book Penn Oaks Golf Club as your venue, we can host these sorts of events for you. We understand how important your wedding is. For this reason, you are welcome to come in multiple times before the date of your wedding.

Engagement Photos Engagement photos are an important part of your wedding. This is also something that will typically take place before the actual wedding date. Don’t worry about this though. You can come in before the day of your wedding ceremony with us to take pictures. Just give us a heads up and we will be ready to let you in!

The Ceremony The ceremony is the most magical part of your special day. This is also where we will spend a large chunk of our time planning together. From small things like decorations to the big things like your PA system, we will help you coordinate all the details for your wedding ceremony to ensure that it goes exactly as planned.

The Reception Once you finally tie the knot and have your papers signed, it is time to celebrate! Here at Penn Oaks Golf Club, we are happy to host your wedding reception. Usually, it will take place right onsite nearby where the ceremony occurred.

Ready to Book Your Wedding With Penn Oaks Golf Club? If you are excited about the opportunity to come in multiple times before your wedding, have 5-star dining facilities, white glove staff, and excellent natural views for your special day, then click here to learn more about Penn Oaks Golf Club. We look forward to hosting you and your new spouse on your special day!

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