All The Things You Have to Know About Anal Sex – Fun, Safe, Clean, Healthy Sex Tips

Anal sex is a stimulating experience and always attractive to those who haven’t tried it yet; nonetheless, one point you must remember is that those disrespectful ways only result in discomfort and hemorrhaging. Therefore, this write-up includes everything you want about rectal anal sex toys.

  1. Why do men enjoy anal sex?

It’s a new opening that provides men with a fresh, interesting and never-experienced feeling when he gets in from behind. As all of us recognise, men are sensory animals that decide it’s even easier to be turned on when he sees themselves going in between their cheeks. The body placement when you have anal sex aids men last much longer. It’s true because the body placement of rectal sex prevents his dick from going very deep into your vagina, therefore aiding him in delaying ejaculation. 

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  1. Just how to prepare before anal sex

We all desire secure and clean anal sex while having a good time. Below’s something you have to do before starting. 

Tidy your anus/ass hole, and if you can, ensure to go to the restroom and defecate if you don’t intend to make mistakes when making love. Another tip is attempting douche/enema. Some newbies are not made use of douche/enema; that’s fairly normal; don’t be aggressive; if you have any uncomfortable feelings, just stop it and relax; after that, try the next time. Incidentally, douchebags can be located nearly in every health and wellness shop; pick the one you like and also pay attention to the advice of store assistants; this is quite crucial and is not ridiculous! 

  1. Exactly how to minimise discomforts and have secure anal sex

In the beginning, you will certainly feel agonised, which’s very regular. It’s only the trouble of time. Bear in mind to obtain a tube of lubricant, which helps reduce discomfort a great deal. 

You two ought to both get extremely unwinded before doing it. Try longer foreplay as well as convenience yourself. Apply some lubricant around your anus/ass opening and likewise on his penis before he starts. Inform him to enter gradually; if you feel uneasy, attempt to close your eyes and imagine your companion feeling terrific pleasure. Don’t be too aggressive with yourself; this is the only facility for anal sex.

Sex playthings also help novices. When a lady fears discomfort, she attempts to obtain a classic vibe and slowly puts it into her rectum. Since it vibrates and massages, a timeless vibe is formed like a male’s penis and decreases pain a little. Of course, you have to apply lubricant to your vibrator, too. 

Last Word

Don’t forget to tidy up your naughty components after completing them.


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