All things you need to know about the FIDO2 NFC key

biometric card

Biometric identification has shown technological potential for nearly 150 years, from the early days of imperfect measurements to today’s highly automated systems. This technology is set to transform cyber security and access control. Like most emerging technologies, Biometric identity has matured over the past 50 years, with the latest systems making a biometric card. The new FIDO2 standard is the latest version of keyless authentication.


How will the FIDO2 work?

Public key cryptography will guarantee a secure and convenient authentication system. The FIDO2 standard uses private and public keys to verify the identity of each user to achieve this goal. To use FIDO2 authentication, you must first sign up at a site that supports FIDO2. The setup steps are given by,


  • You must complete the appropriate registration form and select a FIDO2 security key.
  • The service generates a FIDO2 authentication key pair.
  • The FIDO2 device sends the public key to the service. At the same time, the private key containing sensitive information remains on your device.


Advantages of FIDO2:


The most significant advantage of the FIDO2 NFC key is authentication, which creates a much smaller attack window for cybercriminals. To access your sensitive personal data, an attacker will need a FIDO2 key, which will always be by your side in the form of your device.

If you use multiple FIDO2-compatible sites, another benefit comes in the form of a more streamlined experience. You need not remember multiple login details and passwords for each of your accounts. FIDO2 NFC security keys will work across the board for all supported platforms, which provides maximum security and user comfort.


FIDO2 is the latest biometric identity security standard published by the alliance. The goal is to improve the architecture behind the current protocol. Cybercriminals have several ways to find your credentials. But biometric authentication using FIDO2 implementations would make it much harder for an attack to succeed.

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