All You Need to Know About Adobe Spark

Creating a graphic in Adobe Photoshop used to be a tedious task until Adobe Spark arrived. Adobe Photoshop is a complicated tool for beginners and has a steep learning curve. Sensing this, Adobe has offered a promising solution to these problems and released a robust graphics program named “Adobe Spark.” The program can be accessed both on mobile and desktop to make stunning graphics wherever you are and whenever you want.

The desktop version of Adobe Spark enables you to create stunning graphics across three verticals, which are “web page using Spark Page,” “videos using Spark Video,” and graphics using “Spark Post.”

Adobe Spark comes with an intuitive and easy to use interface with some straightforward navigation tools. You can easily add any text, video, or graphic by clicking on the “+” button. Spark offers stunning templates in which you can add any text, photos, and programs to create a professional video clip in seconds.

For creating stunning graphics, create your account with Adobe Spark, and you can access your projects easily on your mobile device or desktop. Adobe Post is only available for Android and iOS, while Video and Page can only be accessed on iPhones and iPads. You can try their free version for learning purposes and go ahead once you understand its functionalities and tools.

Spark Free

You can use Adobe Spark on both mobile and desktop versions for free and create stunning graphics, web pages, and videos using their simple interface and powerful tools. However, whatever graphics you will create will have a Spark logo embedded into it. Apart from that, it is a great tool to create amazing graphics.

Spark Premium

If you want to move one step ahead, you can upgrade your Adobe Spark to its Premium version. With the premium version, you can easily create professional projects without worrying about the watermarks. With Spark Premium, you get access to the following benefits:

  • In Spark, you can add, create, manage, and share your assets with CC Libraries.
  • You can easily invite others to work on your projects and can easily do tag-team edits.
  • You can access multiple branded templates and themes customized as per your requirement.
  • You can quickly boost your productivity by switching between the brands.
  • You can create your projects without Adobe Spark watermark.
  • You can access its complete library of Adobe fonts and premium templates.
  • You can select beautiful images from your personal collection on Adobe Creative Cloud, Dropbox, Google Photos, etc.
  • Your projects will be automatically synced to iOS apps, enabling you to create stunning graphics wherever you want.
  • You can share your stories via social media or email.
  • You can easily monitor views and likes on your creations.


Adobe Spark is a must-try tool for people who think Adobe Photoshop is too complicated for them. As per your requirement, you can choose your plans. However, Adobe Spark offers two months of free usage to understand its tools and features. After that, you can choose whether you want to go for its premium version or not. If you are looking to buy it for your team, then Adobe Spark gives you extra benefits like additional licenses, 24*7 tech support via chat, phone, and email.

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