All You Need To Know About FDS 301 Intelligent Visual Flame Detector


Fire accidents in hazardous industries like petroleum and chemical factories, oil and gas factories, etc. can result in serious repercussions, including casualties, equipment damages, and production losses. Fire detection and alarms aren’t an option where quick flame detection is critical. Fire detection is nothing new. Fire detection is nothing new. Operators did traditional fire prevention through video cameras in industries. However, it’s unrealistic for the operator to detect a fire in such a large facility. This is when Fire detectors come into play to mitigate fire risks in facilities.

That said, fire detection technology has come a long way. With the rapid development of technology and computer vision, intelligent fire detection systems like FDS301 have been proven to detect fire quickly and reduce fire accidents and property damage in various industries. Keep reading to know more about this intelligent Flame Detector.

FDS 301 Intelligent Visual Flame Detector

FDS 301 is a novel intelligent fire detection system that operates through video cameras to prevent fire accidents in gas and oil, chemical factories, and other high-fire-risk industries. It’s the most sought-after and advanced flame detector in the industry and has been proven to be extremely robust in various harsh locations around the globe.

The FDS 301 flame detector operates by processing live video images to detect the flame properties through on board digital signal processing and algorithms. Yes, this device can transmit live video images as output and provides visual verification of fire hazards in the facility, eliminating the need to send someone into potentially hazardous areas and reducing the risk of causality.

Why Choose FDS 301 Fire Alarm Detector?

Live Video

This is one of the significant reasons why FDS 301 is renowned for being one of the most reliable spark detection systems available today. A live video is processed from the device, allowing the information about the area to be displayed on the monitor in control. This provides the operator with visual proof of an event, allowing them to act quickly and prevent fires from getting out of control and damaging the property and causalities.

Immune to False Alarm

With a live video image processed by the FDS 301, there’s no wonder why this device is immune to a false alarm. False alarms can result in lost production hours and unnecessary chaos during peak times. It can even take months to restart production after a shutdown due to a false alarm. FDS 301 is immune to a false alarm, and there’s no room for lost production hours.

Record Video

FDS 301 fire detection devices have a micro-SD card capable of recording the video of detected fires before and after the alarm. The video recording is invaluable evidence useful when carrying out a full-scale incident investigation.

FDS 301 is the most sought-after intelligent flame detector device. It’s time to upgrade and embrace new technological advancements to enhance safety in the workplace and boost productivity.

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