All you need to know about Gel nail paints

If you are gazing at beautiful nail art and nail polishes on social media then you must have heard or read about gel nails. Gel nails are the latest trend on the block and the lustrous look of the eyes and glossy lips has now taken over your hands too. Get ready to break out the new look with your gel nails and adorn your own set of gel nails for an evening about town. If you are the first one in your group then you are sure to turn some interested glances, and bonus points, and soon your friends will be clamoring for details on what they are and how to get at them.

Get complete details on gel nail paints

If you are confused between faux nails, extensions, or overlays for your nails then go for gel nails.

If we talk about faux nails then it needs to put correctly and it should stick properly to the base of your natural nail.

The nail has to be rough enough to create friction to make this possible. This means that a stylist has to rough up the surface by filing it. Sometimes people might not be comfortable with the process.

But if we talk about gel nails, this is not the case as they just come in a bottle like any other nail polish.

No preliminary filing is necessary to make the nail rough. The one requirement is that your nails are as dry as possible.

Why Gel Paints are considered classy

Well, there is a reason why it is on the top list than any other nail polishes. It is virtually indestructible, impossibly glossy, and whenever you put your hand in your handbag to find your keys or phone, this polish will not chip out.

These polishes hold the nail tighter as they are comprised of stronger ingredients as compared to any traditional lacquers.

So, here is the tip to make your gel manicure last and keeping your natural nail healthy.

1) Try not to pick at peeling gel polish

After some time when gel polish comes to lift, the gel devotees try to pick the nail up or may be tempted to remove it. Do not do this, because if you are doing this you are probably taking some layers of your nail off with it. This kind of damage can take over six months to repair.

2) Ingredients of gel polish

Ingredients of gel polish matter, because harmful chemicals can cause inflammation along with many other adverse side effects. So, choose a nail salon like Sandy nails, where you gel high-quality manicure pedicure.

3) Hydrate your nails

I do not have to tell you the importance of consuming water for your health – and the same rules apply when it comes to nail health. Also, between your salon visits, try to hydrate your nails as much as possible. You can go for a treatment and Sandy Nail and Spa by applying a base coat or sheer nude polish that camouflages damage while hydrating nails with vitamin C and coconut, apricot, and avocado oils.

Do not forget that once you get gel paint always take care of it at your home. and that you can do that by:

· Remove the polish properly. Doing it wrong could damage the surface of your nails.

· If a nail problem happens then having the right supplies is necessary. This includes buffers and files.

· Care for your cuticles.

Many girls think that they can apply gel polishes at home by themselves but guys, you need a professional to do so. Gel polish demands a systematic method otherwise it can damage your nail. There are many brands that you can use for home gel paints but you need that glossy finish, right?

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