All You Need to Know About Group Health Insurance

Modern lifestyles have become very fast and unhealthy resulting in a lot of lifestyle diseases. This has had an unintended consequence of skyrocketing medical bills. Today many families are unable to afford the huge medical bills and are lacking access to quality healthcare.

In such a case, having comprehensive group health insurance coverage is a necessity to shield oneself from huge hospital bills. A Group Medical Insurance Policy provides reimbursement to employees for any hospitalisation expenses incurred by the employees during the Policy Period.


What is the importance of a Group Medical Insurance Policy?


A Group Medical Insurance Policy is an excellent tool for employers to attract and retain talented employees. Business owners should buy group health insurance for employees in order to provide comprehensive group health insurance coverage to employees which would protect them from huge hospital bills in case of medical emergencies.


Group Health Insurance Plans are intended to pay for the medical expenses of the employees and their dependents. Group Health Insurance Providers in India usually require 50 employees for Group Health Insurance Plans, but some group health insurance companies also provide customised group health insurance policy for small businesses which require as few as 15 employees.


Who can purchase a Group Health Insurance Policy for employees?

Following types of enterprises can purchase group health insurance policy from group health insurance providers in India:


  • Any Business
  • Banks
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Registered Service Clubs


What are the advantages of Group Health Insurance Policy for Employees?


The Benefits of a Group Health Insurance Policy for employees are as follows:


  • Attracts and retains talented employees
  • Group Health Insurance Plans are cheaper than Individual Health Insurance Plans
  • Features of Group Health Insurance Policycan be customised
  • Facility to opt for cashless claims settlement from a network hospitals
  • Employers can claim tax deduction on premiums paid for Group Health Insurance Plans


What Information is required for Group Mediclaim Policy for Employees?


Employers need to give the following information to Group Health Insurance Providers to purchase a Group Mediclaim Insurance Policy for Employees:


  • Name of employee
  • Date of Birth of employee
  • Gender of employee
  • Age of employee
  • Group Health Insurance Policy FeaturesRequired
  • Sum Insured for Each Employee
  • Expiring Group Health Insurance Policy Copy
  • Claims History in the Expiring Group Medical Insurance


On sharing the above information, employers can obtain price estimates for a Group Health Insurance Policy from various Group Health Insurance Providers in India. Employers can then choose the Group Health Insurance Plan which best suits their needs.


How to file a Claim under a Group Health Insurance Policy?


Employees need to provide the following documents to the Group Health Insurance Provider in order to make a reimbursement claim under the Group Health Insurance Policy:


  • ID Proof
  • Duly Filled and Signed Claim Form
  • Lab Diagnostic Reports
  • Medical Reports
  • Doctor Prescriptions
  • Canceled Check from the Employee
  • Address Proof
  • Hospital Discharge Summary
  • Pharmacy and Hospital Bills




A Group Health Insurance Policy is an essential part of the employee benefits package which employers should provide to their employees. Additionally, employers should also consider a Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy and Group Term Life Policy to ensure that the employees are well taken care of.

Employers should take the assistance of experienced Group Health Insurance Brokers to ensure that they are receiving comprehensive Group Health Insurance Coverages and the best quotes. A Group Health Insurance Broker will also assist in claims settlement which is also important.Picture2

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