All You Need To Know About Hair Wig

Hair loss or male baldness could be traumatic for most people. Though there are various options such as over-the-counter medications, the possibility of a hair transplant, or other non-surgical hair systems, you can start a new journey by exploring hair wigs. Men who suffer from irreversible or male pattern baldness or have a huge bald area on their scalp can consider this easy option of revolutionary hair systems or hair wigs.

Hair wigs for men are mostly needed by those who suffer from damaging baldness issues like Androgenetic Alopecia (Male Pattern Thinning) or Autoimmune-related Alopecia.

Advantages of Choosing a Hair Wig

One of the most significant advantages of choosing a hair wig for men is that it is the best and quickest way to change your look without applying any chemicals or undergoing any surgical procedure. These days, there is a wide variety of wigs available to choose anything from straight dark hair to curly brown hair. Wigs allow for limitless versatility as you can change your look by changing your hair wig. If you’re planning a vacation and don’t want to worry about losing or spoiling your wig, pack an extra one with you. The most significant benefit of a hair wig is that they are comfortable wearing and removing without having to visit a stylist.

Moreover, it saves you a lot of money that you could be spending trying various treatments or going in for surgery. Unlike hair transplant surgery, this option is painless and reasonable too.

Acrylic Hair Wigs for Men

These wigs are weightless and look quite natural; however, sometimes they may feel hot to wear, especially in tropical or hot weather. If you want to wash your acrylics wig, never use a hairdryer as the excess heat could make your wig melt. But the advantage is that the hairstyle stays in shape even after you wash it because acrylic wigs are pre-styled. What’s more? You can also even wear acrylic wigs in the rain. It is also effortless to buy acrylics wigs quickly as they are mostly available in stock size. These wigs should be replaced after every six to seven months. There are unique adhesive pads readily available for entirely bald people to stop the hair wig from slipping from your scalp.

Real Hair Wigs

These days, people usually prefer a real human hair wig, as they look realistic and natural and resemble your hair. But these types of wigs could cost more. However, real hair wigs can be easily maintained for up to four years. It would help if you protected these from rain and can’t wash them.

If you are planning to buy a real hair wig, consider these top tips:

  • If you opt to buy your wig from a store, ensure that you explain your exact requirement and request accurate fitting with a trial.
  • You could feel odd when you first try these wigs, as you may not be used to seeing yourself with hair for some time now. Keep trying some wigs till you like something on yourself.
  • Always ensure that you wear the wig correctly and follow all the instructions. Many people make a mistake by wearing a wig backwards.
  • When at home, ensure that you take your wig off and don’t just leave it lying around. If you are comfortable, you can go to bed with your hair wig on.

Care to be Taken When You Use Hair Wigs for Men

You need to take care of the following when using a hair wig:

  1. Avoid using boiling water when you shampoo the hair wig.
  2. Avoid getting exposed to humid air for a long time, so this also means that you should avoid blow-drying your hair wig.
  3. Do not use any oil on your hair wig.
  4. Use a wide-toothed comb or a gentle brush for setting hair on your hair wig.
  5. Always use a good conditioner after every wash. Also, apply a serum or leave-in conditioner regularly.

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