All you need to know about Hazop Study

HAZOP study is to carefully review a process or operation systematically to work out whether deviations from the planning or operational intent can cause undesirable consequences. This exercise is performed by a properly selected, experienced, and interdisciplinary team. Experienced professionals can identify potential hazards that may otherwise escape attention during individual desk reviews. TheSafetyMaster is the leading Safety consultant in India, providing Process Safety Management.

HAZOP is based on the assumption that hazards happen because elements of design and operation can deviate from their original intention. The HAZOP team discusses possible deviations and come up with different scenarios where the system or process could fail. The team can then propose recommendations for safeguards and improvements to lower the risk of identified hazards and operational failures from occurring.

In addition to helping the plant run smoothly, Hazard and Operability studies also allow safety professionals to identify and control or eliminate hazards. HAZOP is ideal for large and complex systems. Breaking these down into their parts and assessing each, in turn, gives safety professionals a more fine-grained look at potential hazards that may otherwise be overlooked.

HAZOP studies provide a particular method to enhance plant safety by considering technical and organizational hazards, human error, and external influences. In addition to determining which safety measures provide genuine benefits, HAZOP studies can also help identify the qualitative solutions for process control’s functional safety assets.

How TheSafetyMaster can help:

  • We have extensive experience with HAZOP as part of the design of the process plant either as an independent risk analysis or a preliminary study and modification.
  • We will also help them to develop valid recommendations. TheSafetyMaster has a reliable and experienced pool of experts within industrial safety.
  • We also help them to carry out a practical HAZOP study. This also includes procedural HAZOPs.
  • We also provide standard document development for Hazop Study.



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