All you need to know about hydrovac services in Lac la Biche

Hydrovac services have emerged to be the best option for excavating an area efficiently and in a cost-effective way. But what exactly is Hydrovac? What are its uses? And how is it better than conventional mechanical excavation techniques? Also, what about hydro excavation safety?

What is hydrovac?

Hydrovac services use highly pressurized water (hydro) sprayed on the ground, controlled by an expert operator using a piece of equipment called the ‘wand’. Due to the high pressure, ground materials, including soil, clay, etc., become loose and mix with the water to create a slurry. A powerful hydrovac vacuum sucks this slurry and sends it to a nearby truck with two massive tanks. One is storing the freshwater that is sprayed, and another for storing the debris and slurry for disposing them safely to a different location or disposal site.  This spraying of water and sucking of ground minerals creates a clean area that is easily accessible for the client’s team.

What are the benefits of hydrovac services in Lac la Biche

Hydrovac services are much better when compared to traditional excavation methods. But how?

  • Since hydrovac services use water to excavate, it is much better than heavy machinery. There is minimal risk of damage to the underground utilities like pipes and cables and the hydrovac operator. Hence, it is the best non-destructive method to excavate an area.
  • The process of loosening the soil and vacuuming the sludge happens simultaneously; this makes the whole process extremely fast. Hydrovacing is a better option since mechanical digging or manual digging takes a long time.
  • Only fresh water is used to loosen the soil. No expensive excavation machinery and equipment are required. It brings the cost of excavating down and makes it a better cost-effective method.
  • Some areas that need to be dug are remote and inaccessible by large trucks and machines. Fortunately, trucks for hydrovac services in Lac la Biche use long hoses that can be used to excavate an area up to 600’ away from the hydrovac truck. It also causes less stress on sensitive ground, thus minimizing the chances of any mishaps.

 What about hydro excavation safety?

The area to be excavated is surveyed before the process kicks off. This is done to give the people on-site a better idea of what to expect when they dig the area. This also protects any expensive underground utilities. Also, while the water is being sprayed, the control of the water is entirely handled by the expert operating the jet using the wand and a wireless remote that hangs around their neck. Thus, the experts have complete control over every aspect of the excavation and monitor the ground to take further action accordingly. Unlike manual digging and mechanical excavation, there are negligible risks of any physical injuries to the workers with sharp tools or shoveling equipment. All this ensures that hydro excavation has maximum safety.

For what other purposes are hydrovac services in Lac la Biche used?

Hyrdrovac services can be used for countless purposes such as trenching, cleaning culverts, sunlighting, vacuum tanker services, etc. Make sure to contact the best hydrovac company and ask them about all the services they offer.

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