All you need to know about Jacking & Skidding

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are one of the fastest growing cities in the world and the other cities in the UAE region are not that far behind in terms of infrastructure development. From the world’s largest malls, to world’s tallest buildings and even world’s fastest roller coaster Dubai is a wonderful place to be. While some may call it an infrastructure jungle, most are of the opinion that Dubai does in fact have an inspiring skyline which is due to the creativity of the architects and engineers of the region. A lot of time, effort and money has gone into the construction business and future investors are still putting in money in building more malls, buildings and offices here.

With so much construction going on, safety is of major concern for both the construction companies and the government. Infrastructure of great heights and complexed architecture require safety regulations of a higher level as well. This is because the concrete and steel structures are required to be lifted from one place to another, often placed on top of each other or shifted from a large distance and so on. One of the basic equipments required for construction is the Jacking and Skidding system. As the name suggests, it jacks up heavy and bulky objects or structures, and skidded on to the precise location. There are skidding tracks that help glide structures to their destination and place it safely. The gliding motion is restricted by controlled friction to avoid any accidents.

How are Jacking and Sliding systems Better than Cranes?

One would think that using a crane would be better for this purpose, however they are bulkier than a jacking and skidding system and serve the same purpose without taking up so much space. A jacking and sliding machine works more efficiently too as it automatically skids back into place to push the next object onward. It is also cheaper to rent and slide and skid system in UAE than it is to rent a crane.

Hydraulic slide and skid systems are of great importance to construction businesses as well as in the mining sector as they can lift heavy amounts of loads. The skid ‘shoes’ can slide large amounts of heavy weights without the problem of crane mobilization which can take up a lot of space. Besides being more budget friendly and taking up less space, the lifting and sliding machinery is safer as well. This is because tonnes of construction material is not suspended in the air to be transported from one place to another. Thus, for extra safety purposes many companies prefer to use this system rather than a crane.

Looking at all the advantages of a jack and slide system versus a crane, most mining and oiling businesses also prefer to rent it rather than opting for cranes. Renting a crane and setting it up is also more tedious than the set up of a jacking and sliding system.

What other Gantry Machinery options are available?

There is a diverse range of gantry systems depending on the type of load that is to be lifted and off loaded. Machinery that uses hydraulic rigging can make construction easier as it is can not only lift heavy loads but also do it efficiently and safely.

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