All you need to know about mutual fund apps

In mutual funds, the funds are gathered from the investors which are pooled together and are then invested in different asset classes like debt funds, liquid assets etc. Mutual funds are generally operated by professional money managers who allocate the fund’s investments and attempt to generate capital gains or income for a fund’s investors. A Mutual fund portfolio is structured and maintained for matching the investor’s investment objectives. Mutual funds assist small or individual investors by providing them the access to professionally managed portfolios of equities, bonds and other securities. Mutual funds invest in wide array of securities and performance which are usually tracked as the change in the total market cap of the fund, that are calculated by aggregating performance of underlying investments.

Using the advances in technology, now investors can easily handle their mutual funds through a mutual fund investment app. There are a lot of mobile apps that are available for investors. One of the biggest advantages of using these apps is that an investor can easily perform any action through these apps such as buying or selling mutual funds on the go conveniently and with an ease of transaction. Some of the apps offer direct mutual fund plans to invest and save on the expense costs which are incurred by an investor. An investor can research about what is an index fund, if they are interested in low operating expenses with low portfolio turnover.

The process of starting investing in direct mutual fund plans using mobile apps have become simple for investors. A mutual fund app does not require any type of physical documents to be sent. Once an investor has completed the initial sign-up process using the mobile number, name and email address, investors will be free to explore the app and set up their investments. Investors will need to complete their KYC verification process. A KYC verification process is completely paperless and will need the users to enter their PAN number so an app can check whether they are already KYC verified or not. If they are already verified, no action is required, and a user can proceed to set up their bank account and start investing.

A mutual fund app will help an investor with the process of investing in direct plans has also become easier for the investors. They not only offer convenience of investing on the go, but also the ability to track and manage the portfolio. Investors can easily start investing under 10 minutes if they are already KYC verified. Mutual fund app users have a wide range of mutual fund schemes to select from as per their own requirement and goals. Apps also help the investors in small cities for diverting the funds from a savings account to direct mutual fund plans. A mutual fund app will offer convenience to investors and investors can easily invest in direct mutual funds on the go. Managing and tracking mutual funds is easy and simple for investors through a mutual fund app.

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