All You Need to Know About Printed Laminated Rolls


printed-laminated-rolls-540x400In this competitive world, brands have to take certain steps to stand out, and the packaging method is one of them. Printed laminated rolls packaging is the method that helps brands to enhance the look and quality of their goods. These rolls are made from prints and high-quality film combinations, making them a popular packaging method. 

Moving on, you should know all about the packaging method you may use for your products. So, let’s understand printed laminated rolls’ features, benefits, and uses. 


Features of Printed Lamination Rolls

Many industries use printed lamination rolls because of their features. Here, we have listed the features in brief. 

  • Printed lamination rolls are durable and leak-proof.
  • These lamination rolls are designed to achieve quality and finish appearance. This packaging is manufactured in a way that enhances the print display.
  • You can receive prints with up to 8 colours using different printing options.
  • As printed laminated rolls have multiple layers, you can choose from single to five layers in the roll. 
  • You can choose from numerous cinematic combinations.
  • These can be produced up to 100mm in length by printed lamination rolls and pouch manufacturers in Delhi.


Benefits of Printed Lamination Rolls

Brands immensely benefit from this packaging method. Here are the advantages of choosing printed lamination rolls. 

  • Lamination extends the life of the print. 
  • As lamination is transparent, prints don’t get damaged. 
  • Laminated packaging gives a professional look to the print. So, it helps in getting the attention of customers. 
  • As a lamination roll is durable, it saves the expenses of reprinting in a short time.


Uses of Printed Lamination Rolls

Most industries use this packaging method to leverage its advantages. Here are certain industries that benefit from it the most. 

  • These laminated rolls are used in the food industry for packing tea, biscuits, chocolates, spices, sugar, snack food, noodles, dry fruits, etc.
  • Printed lamination rolls are also required in packing fertilisers in the agricultural industry. 
  • The chemical industry, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, and engineering products and components also use this packaging method.



Most industries use this packaging method, especially the food industry. Features of these lamination rolls help protect food and keep it fresh for a long time. First, you can choose the print and then select the roll’s size, film combination, and thickness. Additionally, the packaging method is quite appealing. Brands can use the finest print at lamination rolls and benefit from product packaging.

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