All you need to know about Pushback Rack and Double Deep Rack

Pushback Rack is an innovative rack design that combines high density storage with quick access by a traditional lift truck. This racking system is ideal for businesses that store a small number of items or the same Stock Keeping Units variants on a single pallet.

You can stack pallets in rows of 2-6 pallets with a pushback rack for sale. The wheels/roller conveyors use gravity to fill the front and face pallets. Pallets are placed on flat surfaces with a 4deg inclines. Push-back racks keep pallets safe and compact. The racks can accommodate up to five pallets. To ensure safety and fast access to the product, reach trucks and forklifts are not allowed in the racking system.

Push Back Rack The storage era

Pushback Rack is LIFO’s solution to storing cargo using rail guides. One package is stored, and another is put back in storage. The next load is moved to another place where the bag was taken after one load has been removed. This means that each row can have many shares, making it easier to eliminate. For warehouses that use FIFO, the squeeze method might not work.

The Distribution X pushback shelves are easy to recognize from their names. It pushes back any pallets/loads that are placed on the shelf. It is possible to use a rail-guided carrier. Pushback racking uses a mechanism whereby a pallet is placed in the front position of a frame and the previously placed pallet is moved back. The second pallet moves automatically to the front position when you remove a pallet.

Double Deep Racking System

Double Deep Racking System, an improvement to the Selective Pallet Racking System, can stack 2-5 pallets horizontally. For deep pallet picking with the double deep rack system, you will need a forklift that has an expandable dual-pantograph range. Double Deep Racking increases storage density/pallet density by reducing the number of aisles/corridors/corridors between racks for higher rack density.

Double Deep Racking

  • Storage density/ greater density than select pallet racking systems.
  • 50% less pallet access than selective pallet racking.
  • Stock available on shelves always, up to 90%
  • These units can be used where there is a different Stock Keeping Unit for each pallet.
  • These units are ideal for storing large quantities of products but with limited stock Keeping Units.

The double deep pallet racking system suits businesses that have a few Stock Keeping Units and many items with one Stock Keeping Unit. The Double Deep Pallet Rack System, which is an extended version of Single Deep Pallet Rack, is the double Deep Pallet Rack System. This system allows for increased warehouse storage and reduces aisle necessity.

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