All You Need to Know About Roll On and Roll Off Shipping

There is a lot to learn about the import and export of car overseers. The two most popular and widely used solutions are container shipping and RORO (Roll-on/Roll-off). People choose one of the proper techniques for moving their vehicle from one country to another for a variety of reasons. To transport an automobile securely and safely from one city to another, each technique has its own specific rules and guidelines. However, in this blog, we will learn about RORO shipping.

The term “RORO” refers to the category of marine transportation used to ship different types of wheeled vehicles. It is used to convey various different kinds of motorised vehicles, including cars, buses, trucks, plant machinery, heavy agricultural equipment, yachts and boats, cranes, and excavators. Its cost-effectiveness is the reason this method is the most recommended for shipment by an international shipping company in Dubai. 

Shipping benefits of RORO 

The design of these ferries is inspired by that of the lower decks, cars, rail cars, trucks, and other rolling cargo. The so-called bow and stern ramps, together with side lap ports, are special technological side openings that are used to drive cars onboard ferries. Wheeled vehicle loading and unloading can be done using the so-called through movement system. 

You don’t have to pay export warehouses for container packing, crafting, port delivery, or flat track loading when you ship using this technique. All essential procedures will be handled by port employees.

RORO can be referred to as a more effective technique when a car is shipped internationally as the vehicle is dropped directly to the desired destination. However, when shipping more than one vehicle, unloading of cars is required as one needs to take multiple trips. In this case,  a car carrier trailer can be hired that will drop the vehicle at the destination. However, it will add extra expenses. 

Types of RORO ships- 

There are numerous types of RORO ships. Some of them are listed below: 

LMSR: Large Medium Speed Roll-off or LMSR is created specifically to carry military cargo which is held on board. Some of these have been transformed into ships for people.

ConRO: ConRO is another type of RORO ship which combines both RORO and LOLO shipping methods. In this type of ship, the vehicles are stored under the deck and rolled on, while the containers are stored on the top. 

RoLo: A roll-on/roll-off ship is referred to as the type of ship which has decks to roll cars on and off. In addition to these decks, it also has other decks for cranes that are used to get the cargo on and off the ship. 

ROPAX: ROPAX is a type of RORO ship with car roll on & roll of capabilities but also with the ability to ship passengers. 

To avail of RORO, connect with the best roll-on roll-off shipping services in Dubai. 

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