All You Need to Know About the Fresh Start Initiative

Falling behind on taxes is common. Unforeseen recessions and financial difficulties make small business owners and individuals lag behind on tax payments. When it comes to recovering due taxes, the IRS has a stringent policy, however, the IRS with their Fresh Start Initiative offers several options to help taxpayers clear their outstanding tax balances. To help you steer you through the fears related to tax debt and to understand how you can take advantage of the Fresh Start program, consult an IRS tax attorney locally.  For instance, residents of Dallas and Fort Worth, contact tax attorneys in Fort Worth, TX. An IRS tax attorney is your one-stop solution for identifying, applying and negotiating the best tax relief plans for your specific tax-related issues. Before that, read this blog to understand the important aspects of the ‘Fresh Start Initiative’.

What is the ‘Fresh Start Initiative’?

Launched in 2011, the ‘Fresh Start Initiative’ is a step taken by the IRS to allow the taxpayers to have some respite from tax debt. Contingent on certain eligibility criteria, there are several options that allow the taxpayers to pay their debts in installments, eliminate penalty charges, and reduce their debt amount. It is a win-win situation for both the taxpayers and the IRS. The taxpayers get plenty of relaxations to clear their dues, the IRS eventually gets its due taxes back.

How can I apply for the Fresh Start Initiative?

You can refer to the IRS publications or forms to check your eligibility and apply for different plans by yourself in-person or online. Tax laws and requirements can be difficult to understand. For expert advice, you can contact an IRS tax attorney. If you are a resident of Dallas, reach out to a tax lawyer in Dallas, Tx to thoroughly discuss your situation and options you have to minimize your tax burden. Keep all your financial records for each fiscal year to be addressed in the application handy.

Which program is suitable for me?

Under the aegis of the Fresh Start Initiative, there are various options available:

  • Offer in Compromise (OIC): It is a settlement between a taxpayer and the IRS for a lesser tax amount to be paid than owed. 
  • Installment Agreement: It allows you to clear your dues in affordable monthly payments rather than a one-time payment.
  • Penalty Abatement: Under this option, you can request the IRS to remove the additional penalties on your unpaid dues.

Your financial condition and the eligibility criteria set by the IRS is crucial for determining your qualification for any of the options listed above. Finding the best option for your situation can be difficult and negotiation with the IRS, too, requires a strong case. An IRS tax attorney can be helpful for a taxpayer to understand all the terms and conditions, format a request and negotiate with the IRS.


FSI was launched to help taxpayers get a respite from burdening tax penalties. To take the benefit of the initiative, and improve your chances of getting into a plan you should contact a tax attorney. They can help you understand the best possible solution for your case. If you are looking for tax help in Fort Worth, search online for ‘irs attorney fort worth’ and consult the leading IRS tax attorney in Fort Worth, Tx  experienced in IRS laws. Choose a law firm that offers dedicated managers for cases.

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