All You Need to Know About the Similarities and Differences Between Chromecast and Roku

It might be a tough task to compare both digital media players in terms of their features as they both have improved a lot over the years, and have added features and updates to provide the best quality of services. Both of these video streaming devices are reliable for streaming videos or shows. In this article, we have provided comparative information between these two video streaming devices to the users if they want to opt for any of the two services. You may refer to the information below for further details on both of them.

Chromecast Vs Roku: Basic Review of Similarities and Differences

Chromecast and Roku are on the top among the race of digital media players. Both of them provide HD video streaming service that provides crystal clear picture sound and video on the play. Both of these support Android as well as iOS applications and have contents from hundreds of free as well as premium video streaming providers. Both of them have easy setup and have basic as well as advanced models for use.

Watching content with Chromecast requires an app through which you can access the content as it doesn’t have a remote. On the other hand, you Roku provides you remote assistance which is easy to use and can be used to surf through the different channels of entertainment. Being a product of Google, Chromecast supports Google’s Voice Assistant, which is beneficial for completing many tasks. On the other hand, Roku doesn’t have any native voice control support. Chromecast can cast content from individual apps of a smartphone, laptop, or a tablet. However, Roku delivers content through channels and apps.

Chromecast Vs Roku: Content Delivery

Roku’s remote is easy to use and can be controlled with ease. However, on the other hand, Chromecast’s functioning can be controlled only through a tablet or smartphone, and also watching content on Chromecast requires an app for accessing channels or the apps on the phone. In this comparison, Roku edges out Chromecast.

Chromecast Vs Roku: Voice Control Capabilities

When it comes to voice clarity and capability, Roku has some enhanced functions that allow some voice control, but it doesn’t have a native voice capability. However, it does have the Roku mobile app for Android and iOS, Roku TV voice remote, and a Roku Touch tabletop remote for control and search features.

On the other hand, Chromecast supports Google Assistant, with the help of which you can also control a Roku device. In this comparison, Chromecast can be considered superior to Roku.

Chromecast Vs Roku: Channels and Apps Support

On a clear-cut comparison between Roku and Chromecast in terms of channel support, Roku stands out tall among both. It has a broad range of content from a vast number of infotainment services. According to a report, it has over eight thousand channels and applications for use. Some of the most widely accessed channels include HBO, CBS, NBC, ABC, and many more.

On the other hand, Chromecast has a smaller number of channel support compared to Roku. Chromecast provides over twenty-six hundred apps and channels that can be viewed over the platform for entertainment and many other purposes. Some of the most extensively viewed channels on Chromecast are HBO, ESPN, YouTube, Netflix, news, and sports networks.

Even though Chromecast offers a wide range of services, but it has a comparatively smaller number of channels than Roku. So, Roku can be considered as the winner in terms of apps and channels support.

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