All You Need to Know About the Varieties of Painting Solutions

Painting a house is not a facile task. From tip to toe the overall process, be it the idea, the landscape or the execution stands complex. Starting from the basic thought of giving your residence a new to look to its bona fide execution, creating a masterpiece of your home is not a five-finger exercise. The initial question that arises is where to look for information regarding various residential painting services? Search no further and consider the aspects covered below.

Interior Painting

When it comes to decorating the interiors of your home, certain aspects require consideration which is covered below.

  • The sheen of your paint has a key role in the visuals of your walls. Choose from the options of gloss, satin, or eggshell.
  • Don’t be afraid of picking bold colours. Go with the shade that suits your personality.
  • Try and test the samples colours and choose what pleases your eyes.
  • Primer is primary. It hides all the stains and gives the perfect finishing colour to the walls.
  • Look for geometrical patterns to add that oomph factor in the interiors.
  • Give contrasting effects to the furniture by adding high-volume lacquer paints.
  • Add modernity to the home by using metallic paint for a high-gloss finish.
  • Check for automotive paints as they add a touch of gloss to the furniture and wood pieces.

Exterior Painting

  • Make the first impression of your home alluring to the eyes. Dig in to know what requires thought when it comes to exterior painting.
  • Paint the exteriors according to the current weather conditions.
  • Prefer quality when it comes to the exteriors as they face the harsh climatic changes.
  • Primer remains the initial check here as well.
  • Manage the streaks by going top to bottom while painting.
  • Make sure the areas made of wood are cleared of any rotten slides.
  • Scraping and cleaning for providing a solid surface for the paint to glide on is a must.

Wood Painting

  • Check for measures below to let the elemental part of painting be the treat for onlookers.
  • Cleaning of the wooden surface is the initial step.
  • Sand and scraping need to be done before applying the colour.
  • Always go for a wood primer as it extends the life of the paint on the surface.
  • Get rid of any old paint if it exists.
  • Vacuum off the dust to let the paint spread evenly.
  • Work downwards to let the paint drip smoothly.

Services in Different Cities

Colour consulting is a hassle-free solution for the entire idea of painting your house. Colours on Walls provide reputed painting services in Chennai and Bengaluru which helps the customer in designing their residence with ease. Look out for our painting contractors to facilitate the task of creating your dream space. The painting services are accessible to our customers in multiple cities in India.


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