All you need to know about WES Evaluation for Indian Students

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Canada is the most sought-after country preferred by Indian students to settle abroad. We can find students from every corner of India applying to Canadian universities for their graduation and post-graduation courses. And in the last few decades, we have found growth in the number of Indians settling abroad. But it’s not so easy to just move there are start studying or working. You need to prove that you are capable of working there and as per their standards. So if your entire study has been completed in India, how would you prove your worth as per Canadian education standards?

What is WES Evaluation?

To prove that your educational qualification in India is as competitive as that of education in Canada, WES will do its work. World Education Service is one of the most popular educational credential assessment agencies that equate educational qualifications from one country to that of another country. So if you have read in India and not in Canada, then do not worry, the WES certificate will serve as proof that your education is as much valid in Canada as it is in India. WES evaluates your transcript from Pune University or transcript from your respective university. WES evaluates educational credentials for all leading countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, etc. But if you are looking specifically for Canada, then IQAS Canada will also serve the purpose.

What are the steps to apply for WES Evaluation?

WES evaluates your marks obtained in the home country. If you have completed your graduation from Pune University, then WES will evaluate your transcript from Pune University to generate a WES certificate. WES uses a completely digitized agency for processing its applications. Therefore students looking to get their credentials evaluated need to apply through their official website In the online application form, fill in the required details, upload the mandatory documents required, pay processing fees online and submit your application. You will receive the WES certificate at your mentioned address therefore double-check the mentioned address is correct.

What are the documents required?

Well, typically WES evaluates mark sheets of your highest educational qualification. If you have done a master’s from Pune University then submit your post-graduation transcript from Pune University for evaluation. If you have done graduation then submit your graduation transcript. Along with that, you may need to upload identity proof, passport-size photographs, academic mark sheets, degree certificates, etc. Depending upon the service, you can check the required documents on the WES website. All ECA bodies including IQAS Canada require almost the same documents for evaluation. Therefore do not worry about the documents, you might have all of them handy with you.

How much time does it take to generate a WES certificate?

Unlike IQAS Canada, which is a government evaluation service that takes 14 weeks or more to generate an ECA report, WES processing time is 7 working days. So you can be pretty much sure that 7 working days after submitting all the correct documents and fee payment, you will have your WES certificate with you.

Does a WES certificate help to get a job abroad?

WES certificate is an evaluation report of your transcript from Pune University or any other university you have studied in. It just equates your qualification in one country to that of another. Therefore the report is kind of another mark sheet for a foreign country. Having a mark sheet only doesn’t guarantee you a job. So please do not consider that having an IQAS Canada report or WES certificate means you can easily get a job. These certificates can help in the application process though.


So now that you know everything about WES, how to apply for a WES certificate, and what it is needed for, we believe you must have decided if you want one for yourself or not. 

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