All you need to know about wills and what you can list in them

Contrary to public opinion, writing a choice doesn’t always mean that an individual is dying soon. It is but a plan for the future where nothing is guaranteed. Death is inevitable for everyone, and no one gets to choose when they die. However, an individual can control some of the events after their death through a will.

But what exactly is a will? Continue reading this article to find out

What is a choice?

A will is a legal document that contains a person’s instructions on how their property is to be shared in the event of their death. Also, the choice includes the name of the person that’s to be in charge of fulfilling these instructions. This person is regarded as the executor of the will.

In the event of the deceased death, an executor can apply for probate or employ probate lawyer services in Marietta, GA, to do this for them. When the probate is granted, the law allows the executor to execute the will.

Types of properties that can be listed in a will

Creating a will is no easy task, and it is advisable to employ estate planning services in Marietta to do it right. Anything you own can be listed in a will, no matter how small. Some of the assets and properties you can record in a will include

  • Landed property

This refers to the houses and lands you own. If you find it hard to list your landed properties according to the state’s policies, you can employ some estate planning services in Marietta.

  • Automobiles

This refers to the cars and motorcycles you may own.

  • Antiques and heirlooms

You can list the expensive antiques you own in your will to be inherited by anyone you want. Also, if you’d like to pass off an heirloom, you can list it in your choice addressed to the person to inherit it.

Other things you can list include Bonds, shares, trusts, businesses, and many more.


While you are listing, do not forget to include the name of the executor of the will. In the event of your death, only an executor can use probate lawyer services in Marietta, GA, to get the grant of probate that allows your assets to be shared as you instructed.

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