All you Need to Know About Zoho Quickbooks Integration

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One of the most crucial and difficult functions of a firm is financial management. A company can only grow if its finances are in good shape. Hiring a finance specialist or an accountant can be expensive for many businesses, but the good news is that small business owners have another option. They can either learn how to manage their own finances or acquire QuickBooks, which is inexpensive accounting software.

Quickbooks is popular accounting software that allows organisations to manage all parts of accounting and finance at a low cost. The integration of QuickBooks and Zoho CRM significantly improves account management capability.

Furthermore, Zoho CRM is a well-known customer relationship management tool that assists business owners in managing and delegating business tasks. It gathers and handles all information on a customer from the time leads are acquired until the time they are turned into customers.

When a lead decides to buy a product or service, several functionalities are involved. The Zoho CRM integration with QuickBooks makes it much easier for business owners to handle and understand their financials. The Zoho CRM and Zoho QuickBooks integration allow you to perform the following:\

Easy Data transfer between Zoho CRM and QuickBooks

Syncing vendor or customer information and exporting records

Keeping crucial data as a shared record or fields between two solutions

QuickBooks enables your sales team to create and manage invoices, track expenses and bills, generate complete financial statements for your firm to measure income, profit, and expense, track employee work hours and pay them appropriately, and much more. Zoho CRM already has inventory tracking features, and QuickBooks makes monitoring inventory quantity and costs quite straightforward. QuickBooks’ employees and businesses may use Zoho CRM to manage taxes, scan receipts, and send them back to customers.

Let’s take a closer look at the reasons for integrating QuickBooks with Zoho now that we’ve seen an outline.

  1. Increased productivity- Integrating Quickbooks with Zoho can save a lot of time and track productivity. Businesses can time-track their employees and pay on the basis of approved time logs. 
  2. Inventory management- Zoho Inventory is connected with QuickBooks Online, allowing for easy accounting and inventory management. QuickBooks users will be able to simply access all of their sales and purchases in Zoho inventory thanks to this smooth integration.
  3. Transfer of Important data- With the integration of Zoho CRM and Quickbooks, businesses can gain complete visibility of customer updates with Zoho. 


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