All You Should Know About A CNC Machine Shop

Before you contact a CNC machine shop, there are a few vital aspects of this technology that you should know about. This article is precisely curated to ensure you make the right choice with everything that involved in procuring from a CNC machine shop.


What Is A CNC Machine Shop?


CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control; it is a machine that’s automated to operate with a high level of precision and accuracy. It can attain high levels of complexity using the cheapest means available. A CNC machine provides a cost-effective option for producing products within a short period.


So, what is a CNC machine shop? It is a place where CNC machining takes place. It houses different machinery that is used for producing simple and complex items using substantive manufacturing processes. A CNC shop may even offer other services, including a sheet metal fabrication bend service, metal casting, metal stamping, and more.


What Will You Find in a CNC Machine Shop?


CNC machine shops in Wisconsin have many pieces of equipment for various operations. They often include:





Milling Machine


The milling machine is one of the most important pieces of equipment in a CNC shop. This machine uses pre-programmed software to automate manufacturing operations. It comprises of a revolving head and a vertical spindle. The head contains a rotary cutter which is fed to the workpiece to remove extra material until the desired shape is formed.


The mills are available in different configurations. The higher the number of axes, the more easily parts can be fabricated with complex geometries and intricate details.




The lathe rotates a workpiece allowing other machines to work on it. For instance, it rotates a workpiece when sanding or cutting machines trims different parts of it. A lathe is also known as a CNC turning center, as its function is to turn the workpiece and expose its different sections.


Surface Finishing Tools


You sometimes need to get additional properties such as mirror-like surface finishes, glossiness, smoothness, color, etc. A good CNC shop has a set of post-processing equipment to take care of these needs.


Drill Press


A drill press is an alternative to a hand-held drill. The main components of a drill press are a clamp, chuck, vertical spindle, and lever. Its motion is controlled by a lever as it drills into hard materials. Sometimes a lubricant is added to ensure a precise and smooth drill. A drill press is indispensable in a CNC shop because it’s more stable than a typical hand-held drill.


Tips for Choosing the Right CNC Machine Shop


  • Inquire about the machine shop’s capacity and capabilities.
  • The cost will always be a point of focus. Ensure that the shop has cost-effective pricing.
  • Choose a manufacturer that ensures confidentiality and privacy.


Choose the right CNC shop to minimize your risks and cost.

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