Alstroemeria Flowers: What are they and Some of the best ones


Alstroemeria flower is a flower of beauty. Alstroemeria flowers are perfect for almost all types of happy occasions. Thus, To get the best from an Alstroemeria, choose the one with bright colors, having a sweet smell and beautiful look.

Alstroemeria is a family of fifty species mainly grown in some regions of South America. The other name of the Alstroemeria flower is Peruvian Lily. It was first harvested in Peru, Chile, and Brazil. The name came after Swedish botanist Baron Klas von Alstroemer, who obtained the seeds in 1753.

Alstroemeria flowers do not have a strong fragrance, but they can live for about two weeks. However, they may stop giving blooms when exposed to long exposure to sunlight.


It is a plant that blooms from early in the summer to early in the fall. This bloom has light pink petals with deep red stripes. It can reach a height of up to 4 feet. It requires partial shade and sunlight to grow. Having deep green leaves and a strong stem gives it an elegant look. The best thing is it requires low care and take, and butterflies love it!

Flaming Star

It is a bold plant having nice petals attaining the shape of the shaft. It has bright orange petals and yellowish throats with dark patterns in each petal. It can reach up to a height of up to 28 inches having beautiful green leaves. This flower looks the best when placed in a water-containing vase and placed indoors.

Indian Summer

The Indian Summer is a flower with golden-yellow petals with streaks of dark red color. It comes with pointy golden leaves, and it looks beautiful in vases and containers. It grows up to 28 inches in height and is a great place for butterflies. It contains patterns and shades that make it look pretty. They grow well with full sun as well as with partial shade.


This flower can compete with any other Alstroemeria flowers and have nice petals of bright color, having dark patterns near the throats of golden color. It blooms from the early summer and has a nice accent. It needs low care and take and grows best when the soil is moist enough. You must pull them from the base instead of cutting from the stem to plant them anywhere else.


So, these were some of the best alstroemeria flowers which you can grow to get beautiful flowers in your field. The beauty of the Alstroemeria flower lies in its color, shape, and appearance. There are several ways you can get these flowers to your home. You can even order them online, or you grow them on your own.

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