Aluminum Railing and Handrail Definitions

Perhaps the written instructions aren’t clear or the video tutorial instructor is speaking too fast. Perhaps, too, you aren’t yet familiar with the project’s terminology and/or the instructor is acting as if you already do. Such is both frustrating and time-consuming because you have to research and learn the words.

Well, if you’re about to undertake an aluminum railing installation, we’re going to make your project easier. The following terms relate to aluminum rail and handrail systems:

  • Handrail: a wall-mounted aluminum rail, most commonly used on stairs, walkways, and platforms, to ensure pedestrian safety. They provide support, direction, and slip and fall stability.
  • Secondary Handrail: an Americans with Disabilities (ADA) compliant secondary railing. Building codes routinely require such a railing and such is excellent for homes with small children and older individuals.
  • Balusters: supports that hold a waist-high aluminum handrail or aluminum railing around a patio or deck. They are both functional and ornamental. They are spaced according to code and come in various shapes. Guardrails minimally contain balusters and a top rail. Sometimes called Spindles.
  • Posts: upright structures that strengthen aluminum railings.
  • Guardrail: railings that typically protect individuals from accessing or falling off of dangerous areas (e.g., platforms, landings, balconies, stairwells). Guardrails are often combined with handrails to ensure maximum safety. At minimum, they contain posts, balusters, and top rails.
  • Top Rail: the upper, horizontal bar part of the aluminum railing, which affixes to the vertical posts. Such is not part of the handrail.
  • Bottom Rail: the lower, horizontal bar part of the aluminum railing. Such runs along the floor and upholds the balusters.

Aluminum Railing Depot

Aluminum Railing Depot (ARD) is your one-stop, aluminum railing and aluminum handrail depot. It provides all your secondary handrail aluminum railing and square and rectangle baluster installation needs. It’s also your rectangle and square balusters installation depot. At ARD you’ll find all you need for stairs, ramps, porches, decks, and deck stairs aluminum railings and aluminum handrails.

ARD offers two aluminum handrail and railings series:

  • Georgian Stair Railing Kit: Find brochure here.
  • Savannah Stair Railing Kit: Find brochure here.

Also see PREFERRED®’s how-to videos for assistance with railing installation

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