Amazfit Power Buds Review: These Features Make It a Great Value Product

Amazfit is known in the market for its affordable fitness smartwatches and bands. Recently, they have launched a great value product under $200. With the recent release, they make their way into the audio market with the launch of their wireless earbuds.

Amazfit Power Buds Review These Features Make It a Great Value Product

The Amazfit PowerBuds are specially designed for the workouts, and for this purpose, the buds have IP55 water resistance feature ability. They have set a standard price for their workout earbuds.

It is a pretty good option, especially when you will get eight hours long battery life.

You Might Like These Things In Amazfit PowerBuds

Just by looking at these PowerBuds, you can’t imagine the features of these earbuds. The excellent mesh pattern on the surface of the buds makes this product stand out from the queue. Other variants are also available with this bud.

With this earbud, you will get the four sets of ear tips, and the medium is attached to the earbuds. It is designed in such a way that you will find the buds secure enough even while performing any strenuous activity. You can also attach the magnetic hooks for extra security while cycling or running.

For the connectivity, you have to press the button on the buds for three seconds. After that, you will see a while flashlight on the case as a visual indicator. After the buds’ initial pairing, it will automatically connect to your device whenever you remove them from the case. There is an in-built sensor in both the buds, which can detect your body motion, and it will pause and play the music whenever you need.

You don’t need to worry about its pairing ability with any app or phone. Even it has an advanced feature of heart-rate monitoring. The heart-rate monitor sensor is on the right bud, and it uses your skin like smartwatches to monitor your heart-rate. The sensor is accurate; that’s why you don’t need to question these buds’ accuracy.

For accessing all the features of these buds, you have to install the Amazfit application from the Play Store and pair the buds with the application. After the buds are connected, you can customize the settings of the buds from the app.

The sensor sends all the information regarding your heart-rate to your mobile phone, and you will also be able to see the earbuds measuring your heart rate in the real-time, which is a great feature in this bud.

The application also allows us to view the remaining charging of the case and each earbud. The outer surface of the PowerBuds has a gesture recognition that you will get to know these gestures from the application or modify them as per your requirement.

For instance, you can set a double tap on the left earbud to play or pause music or triple tap to use the Voice assistance feature. There are other options as well, so adjust them and enjoy them.

Let’s talk about the sound quality of the buds. You will see a balanced sound with a clean mid and decent high range of the sound. You might not find the bass of the bud amazing, but by increasing the bass, it will work more efficiently.

Where Amazfit PowerBuds Needs To Work?

It is a unique designed-product, but you might feel uncomfortable while wearing it for a longer duration. It is okay if you want to use it for one or two hours or while workout, but it is not ideal for the all-day-use.

Another part where the company needs to work is the wireless charging for the case. If it is there, it will make it a more exciting product.

Should You Buy Amazfit PowerBuds It Or Not?

Buy It, If You Love These Features:

  • Long battery life
  • In-built heart rate monitor
  • Easy-to-use gesture controls and IP55 water resistance

Don’t Buy It, If You Want These Features:

  • All-day comforts
  • Wireless charging

Magnetic hooks for secure fit make it comfortable while strenuous exercise. There is an in-built heart-rate monitor sensor that gives accurate heart-rate like any fitness band.

If you don’t want to wear it for more time and sacrifice the wireless charging capability, it will prove a decent deal to buy this product.

The product deserves four stars out of 5 stars because it offers several features with an IP55 rating


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