Amazing benefits of Arts for Kids that you might not know!


Everybody says creativity and art are essential, but how it benefits kids? Today we are going to share with you some of the many art benefits for children.

Art is much more than something that meets the eyes. Painting, drawing, building and moulding are not just a few fun ways to play. They are vital learning tools that encourage children to think, experiment, explore, create, question, and solve problems. As such, art should be accessible to every kid. It is invaluable in early childhood when young brains are learning to observe and interpret information. It can equip them with many attributes and skills required for success in all areas of life. This is why child care programs encourage art and creativity. Here are some important ways in which art can support development and learning.

It builds self-esteem:

There’s no right way to do an art and day care in Five Dock nurture supporting and encouraging environment where every kid can feel good about what they create. The staff here provide positive feedback to help kids build confidence, eagerness, and independence to learn from an early age. Talking about art, even questioning a kid to say whether he/she likes drawing or painting, encourages them to think and help them develop self-confidence to express their opinions independently.

It encourages self-expression:

Art gives young children an outlet to express their feelings, experiences, and thoughts. It is a canvas upon which they can reflect what they know about the world. Art allows us to understand what a kid feels, and it is a great way to spark conversations. In child care Five Dock programs, kids can choose to express themselves through collage, drawing, or clay moulding. The art session also gives them the freedom to use their imagination and creativity.

It encourages physical development:

All the small movements involved in making art can help children hone a range of essential motor and physical skills. For instance, working with moulding clay or play dough in early learning Five Dock can help fine-tune the little hands. Likewise, drawing can help children develop flexibility and dexterity in the finger and hand muscles. Painting and drawing are also engaging and fun ways to strengthen a child’s hand to eye coordination, which they need to hold a pen or pencil later in school. Moreover, working with paint, crayons, play dough, and clay can be a great way to build a child’s sensory skills.

It helps foster math skills at an early age:

Visual art helps kids understand, learn, identify, and draw patterns, shapes, geometric representations and symbols. In later life, this can make it easier for them to figure out and visualise math problems. Many artistic activities also include problem-solving and using shapes to express ideas, feelings, and thoughts, all of which are beneficial not only in mathematical thinking but also in various other areas of life.

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