Amazing Features Involved In Taxi App Development

All of us are amazed by the functioning and working of Uber. The investment cost required to set up an Uber-like app is far less compared to regular business. Major cost determiners include app development cost and business functioning cost. Entrepreneurs can level up their business to several folds by investing in Uber-like taxi app development. Here are some of the aspects to take into consideration during app development:

Optimized route panel: The route panel has to take into consideration factors like traffic congestion and weather conditions and offer the best possible route for the drivers. GPS and GNSS positioning is used for it.

Transparent pricing: The app must offer transparent pricing for the customers. Detailed break up including aspects like cost per miles, surge pricing, timings incurred can be sent as a digital invoice after every ride completion. This feature is not part of all apps, so it would be great if it was part of your app.

Call masking: It is one of the security aspects of the app, where the numbers are masked so that both parties( drivers and customers) cannot view their number.

Payments: Payment modules are important factors for customer retention. Offer secure payment modes so that the data are secured in the app. Most apps provide digital payment modes and mobile wallet options so try offering them in your app.

UI/UX design: The app must have an attractive design so that users can locate the features with convenience. Stick to the layout offered by most taxi-hailing apps so that users are familiar with finding the required service.

In addition to these, developers prefer building native apps to hybrid apps as it is easily compatible with the latest technologies. Entrepreneurs can make a presence in the trending taxi-booking sector with high-end Uber-like taxi apps. Get in touch with the expert developers at Appdupe to learn more about our clone app solutions.

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