Amazing Perfume Hacks that will Make You Smell Good All Day

1_a844417d-a13a-4203-80af-13a4113433a9_2000xWhen was the first time you had applied perfume? Was it when you were going for your prom night, when you had started going to college or was it when you had sneaked inside your mom’s room while she was not home? No matter when you have started using a perfume, we want to tell you one thing – you have been applying your perfume wrong all these years. Not just you but nearly half of the people who use scents are doing it wrong. That’s why even after investing in the best long lasting perfume for women and men, the luxurious bottle of fragrance that you have does not make you smell heavenly all day long. However, let’s put an end to it, in this post, we will tell you a few hacks that you can follow to make your perfumes last a little longer.

· Tip 1: Spray it on your clothes

Not just your body but you should spray or apply your signature perfume over your clothes as well because the fabric can hold the scent for more time.

· Tip 2: Rub some Vaseline first

The second rule of making the aromatic perfume last long is to apply Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly on the pulse point before spraying or applying the perfume. Why? It’s because the jelly can hold the scent for more time.

· Tip 3: Dab, don’t rub

Even if people say that you should rub your wrist after applying a perfume, you should avoid doing it because rubbing your wrist together makes the fragrance fade faster.

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