Amazing Travel Routes That You Can Choose In India

India is a vast and diverse country which explains why short-live holiday packages in India are not enough to explore all of it. However, if you are planning to spend few weeks or months in India, then we have outlined here some of the amazing travel routes that you can follow to explore this mesmerizing country.

North and North East

The North and North East part of India is a very popular and enthralling travel route that includes the Himalayas, the Taj Mahal and Kolkata which is one of the oldest cities in the country. Starting from Delhi, the capital of India, the route comprises some most attractive locations like Shimla, Lukhnow, Gangtok, Pelling, Darjeeling and Shillong. It also takes you to the spiritual land of Varanasi, temple’s kingdom Khajuraho and last but not least the royalty of Agra and Rajasthan. So, if you want a trip that takes you through snowy mountains, ancient temples, scenic lakes and quintessential Indian towns with a glimpse of lavish palaces and forts then the North and North East route is perfect to plan your travel packages in India.

Western India

There are many popular destinations in the Western India travel route and definitely the Bollywood capital Mumbai is the best amongst them. This fun and dramatic travel route offers lively cities, picturesque landscapes and beautiful beaches of Goa which is also known as the tropical paradise of India. This route is particularly suggested if you want to shop for Indian clothes and home decorative items along with many other things. And also if you want to savour delicious Indian sea food then a trip to Western region is must during your holiday package in India.

The Southern route

If you are the person who loves nature and still have not explored Kerala or Tamil Nadu from the Southern part of India, then you are probably roaming at wrong places. Dotted with lush greenery, lots of backwaters, rivers, beaches and small fishing villages – the Southern India route is blessed with plenty of natural beauty. The region hosts numerous popular and attractive tourist destinations like Alleypey where you can enjoy house boat stay, Fort Cochin which flaunts colonial architecture and Madurai which is famous for its ancient and vibrant temples. The Southern route also brings a variety of tasty and delicious cuisine on your way to savour.

The North and South

Classic and overwhelming, the North South route is one of the most popular and long routes for travellers. Starting in the historically rich capital of Delhi, this route takes you through many of the oldest cities known to Indian civilization. It heads to Agra and the Dessert State of Rajasthan followed by a spiritual relief in Varanasi. In this route you can explore cities rich in culture and character like Jodhpur, Jaipur and Udaipur. After enjoying the lavishness of these royal cities, you can find solace at the beaches of Goa or on the backwaters of Kerala. As North South route is one of the busiest travel routes in India, it is advised that you book all your transport and accommodation at least months before the trip.

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