Amazon Brings Hands-Free Alexa Experience to the Android and iOS App

Most people already know about Alexa. It’s the name of the voice assistant offered by Amazon. You can use it on Alexa-enabled speakers like the Echo Dot. In simple terms, Alexa by Amazon is like Siri by Apple. It is a voice assistant that can answer your questions like “What is the weather today in the United States?” or launch any app. Several devices are enabled with Amazon’s voice assistant like Echo Dot, Echo Spot, original Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire TV, and Echo Show.

Amazon Brings Hands-Free Alexa Experience to the Android and iOS App

Recently, the company announced that they are making it easier for the users to utilize Alexa “hands-free” on their Alexa App for Android and iOS. It means the users can play music or control their smart home devices too, without touching the phone. Looks Interesting!

If your device has other voice assistants, you can command them to open the Alexa App. After launching the app, you can speak to Alexa as you used to.

Alexa also collaborated with other apps and this will enhance the experience of the users. Some of the apps, like flagship shopping apps and Amazon Music, come with this service offered by Amazon. In 2018, Amazon rolled out a Hands-free option to its users to control the playback music option without tapping. But till now, users don’t really use this feature, and they rely on the tap-to-talk feature from the app, which allows the users to use Alexa on most of the devices like Echo speakers and screens.

Amazon also confirmed that this feature will not work when the phone is locked; therefore, you need to unlock your phone and open the Alexa app on the screen. Even the app doesn’t work when the app is off the screen and running in the background. There are few details about the app, so you have to wait a little longer to get the further information about this update.

But one thing is confirmed: users need to update their Alexa app to get the latest version from the Google Play Store or Apple App store.

Amazon says that the feature will roll out in the coming weeks for all the users worldwide, so you can’t get this feature immediately. When you find any update of the Alexa app in your app store, update it, and enjoy the latest features by Amazon.


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