Amp up your cooking game with cooking active by d2h

D2h, the best dth service provider in India, provides a special Channel, “Cooking Active,” which gives you the opportunity to learn exciting recipes from famous chefs and bring your inner chef out.  

The Channel brings in the best of Recipes by top chefs, keeping in mind the Health & Nutrition of the viewers. Eat Healthy, Be Happy! You can get access to this Channel with d2h one year plan and learn amazing recipes from the top chefs of India.  


To amp up your cooking game and food knowledge, it hosts shows like –  

  1. My Yellow Table by Kunal Kapur: 

This Show is all about India’s Favourite Recipes from 13 different country regions. The chef will make you learn some lip-smacking Indian Traditional Recipes.  

  1. Health and Happiness by Chef Jaideep: 

He cooks up some deliciously healthy yet mouth-watering meals on his terrace kitchen in the show, under the open sky, surrounded by the goodness of nature.  

  1. Soul Kitchen by Charu Shankar: 

She reinvents some of the world’s most popular and sought-after food with an ancient Indian method. Highlights on Sattvic way of cooking, revealed in the classic texts of Ayurveda, as a diet that is light, healthy, and life-giving. Every episode, she gives the Sattvic twist to dishes in her beautiful soul kitchen.  

And the list goes on with many more such shows on the channel! 

Learn to Cook Healthy, nutritious, and immunity-boosting foods along with Indian and international cuisines. Impress your loved ones with your dishes on festivals and special occasions with d2h yearly plan and get access to this excellent Channel only for cooking and learning about interesting facts related to food.  

Amp up your cooking game with “Cooking Active” by d2h!  

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