An Easy Guide to Customizing Windows 10 PC

Windows 10 users often underestimate their PC or laptop for not having enough customizing options. Many people are unaware that they can tweak a few things, here and there, on Windows to create a custom space on the device and enhance their productivity. You might even be bored with seeing the same space for years and months and want to revamp how everything looks on your desktop. In either of these cases, you can freely use the built-in functions and third-party tools to add a personal touch to your Windows 10 PC, and here is how to do it:

Tweak the Start Menu

The Start menu is a one-stop destination for quickly accessing the essential apps, tools, and elements on the Windows 10 PC. From here, you can also access Cortana and other essential built-in search tools. Despite its perfection, if you choose to tweak it, then you are free to do so, but you will need a third-party tweak. For rearranging and tweaking the Start menu, you can use the following third-party tweaks:

If you were a fan of the Windows 7 Start menu, then use StartIsBack++ to achieve the theme and look of the Windows 7 Start menu.
Use Start10 by Stardock to restore the outlook and feel of the Windows 7 on your Windows 10 Start menu.
Using the Start Menu Reviver, you will receive an overhauled look for the Windows 10 Start menu.
Apart from these tools, you can also check Deviant Art, Classic Shell, and Radial Menu web pages for more Start menu customization options.

Apply Animated Backgrounds

One way to change the entire look of the Windows 10 desktop environment is by adjusting and customizing the background. You can choose to add some unique live wallpapers and animated backgrounds on the desktop screen. If you are interested in changing the background, we recommend using the Wallpaper Engine, PUSH Video Wallpaper, and Stardock DeskScapes apps. These apps will let you add video from your collection or use live wallpapers on the desktop background.

Boost Your Productivity

If you had used Windows 7, you might be aware of the support it extended to the desktop gadgets, which helped the users check weather reports, read RSS feed, receive system information, and more. But Windows 10 doesn’t have that gadget support. However, you can manually reinstate it using Widgets HD or 8GadgetPack third-party tools. Using these tools, you will get faster access to the weather reports, calendar, and other such apps and tools by switching to your desktop.

Color Your Windows 10

If you are thinking about changing the background, then you might as well be interested in changing the color of the Start menu to make everything look coordinated. You can start your tweak procedure by disabling the color changes that come with the background tweak. To do so, navigate to the Settings menu of your desktop and click on Personalization. Then, select Colors and remove the checkmark from the Automatically Pick an Accent Color From My Background box.

Then, you can freely select an accent color that will only change the Universal apps. For this purpose, you can also use third-party apps, like Accent Color Synchronizer, Classic Color Panel, etc.

Hide the Taskbar

If you like to have more space on your desktop screen, then remove or move away from the taskbar from the desktop screen for a while. Choose either of these options to focus on your work and leave the Taskbar and Start menu at bay. To move your taskbar, use the following steps:

Give a right-click on the taskbar and select Taskbar Settings.
Turn off the toggle for Lock the Taskbar and exit the Taskbar Settings.
Now, give a left click on the taskbar and drag it to either side of your display.
You can also choose to auto-hide the Taskbar using the following steps:

Open Taskbar Settings and turn on the toggle for ‘Automatically Hide the Taskbar in Desktop Mode.’
You can also turn on the toggle for ‘Use Small Taskbar Buttons’ to save more space.
Using this guide, you must have learned the significant tweaks in Windows 10. You can now create a better and more personalized space on the desktop and make everything look better than before.

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