An Introductory Guide about Vanilla Beans & Its Types

Vanilla BeansVanilla, the popular flavoring spice, is grown on the orchid plant of the genus Vanilla. The original vanilla “fruit” belongs to Mesoamerica. The word Vanilla is derived from the Spanish word “vaina”, which signifies little pod. This plant approximately takes 6 weeks of fertilization but it cannot be harvested immediately. When Vanilla beans turn ripe, the beans are soaked in hot water to stop the process of ripening. Farmers then dry them and process them by using different methods. Then, they dry these beans in the sun for six to nine months continuously for reducing the moisture content around 30%.

Best Kind of Vanilla Beans

Producing premium quality of vanilla extract is an art. The two important factors like quality and vanilla bean play a crucial role in maximizing the flavor of vanilla extract. Factors like grade of vanilla bean used, temperature, type and grade of alcohol, quantity of vanilla beans used, temperature and length of extraction determine the quality of vanilla beans. Moving to the type of vanilla bean used, some of the most popular varieties imparting a unique flavor of every vanilla pod are:

  1. Madagascar Vanilla, which is creamy and rich.
  2. Mexican Vanilla beans are dark and block with smoky appearance.
  3. Beanilla Vanilla having a perfect blend of Tahitian and Bourbon vanilla. This kind of beans has smooth and floral aroma with cherry-chocolate like flavor.

Best Type of Vanilla Bean in Market

It is hard to determine the best variety of vanilla beans as it varies from person to person as per his tastes. Amongst all the varieties available, Madagascar is the most popular and commonly used by professional chefs for consistent flavor. Each variety of Madagascar beans is slightly different from other but the most popular ones are Mexican Vanilla. Some other varieties are:

  1. Indonesian Vanilla which has mild and well-balanced flavor.
  2. Tahitian Vanilla with cherry-chocolate and floral taste.
  3. Indian Vanilla is full of chocolaty taste.

How to Use Vanilla Beans?

There are different ways to use vanilla bean pods. Based on the variety and grade, usage may differ. Some of the most popular ways of using vanilla beans are making homemade vanilla extract or using these beans for baking purposes like making cake, pancakes and brownies. For cooking purposes, prefer buying premium quality of Grade A beans and for making cakes and cookies, you can even try for Grade B beans. Taking beans from the pods is simple and easy. Simply use sharp knife and cutting board and cut each end of the vanilla bean. The next step involves slicing through the beans lengthwise. When the beans are cut into two halves, remove the paste from the bean.

In order to purchase high-quality vanilla beans at affordable rates, you can purchase it from online suppliers. Simply place them order beforehand and get your ordered delivered at your doorstep with 5-7 working days.

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