An Online Ayurveda Training For Women’s Body’s And Lives

Hi I’m Jessica. You might think I look healthy in this picture of me as a new mom – and it’s true I was super happy – but I was also exhausted, depleted, and my curly hair first straightened, and then started falling out.

Even though I’d been teaching yoga for a decade, I realized I had never truly learned how to take care of my body off the mat. I decided to focus on myself and took an online Ayurveda training, and discovered the 5,000 year old self-care routines, daily rhythms and food-as-medicine practices of India that are still powerful today.

With the new self-care habits I incorporated, I felt like someone had given me a new body. I had so much energy I felt like I got my afternoons back. I was eating food that was nourishing without spending lots of time in the kitchen, so my digestion got strong again. My hair grew in thicker than ever, I dropped the extra baby weight, and I stopped getting colds all the time.

It worked so well, that I pared down what I had learned into the MAyurveda: Living Ayurveda Training for busy women.

Ayurveda is the oldest and most comprehensive health and wellness system still in use today, and means “the science of life.”

For me, it was like finally getting that manual called The Care and Feeding of a Human.

Many of the simple routines and rhythms were knew to me even after years of yoga, but they were so easy they quickly became as normal as brushing my teeth – and I do them even on my crazy busy days.

This online Ayurveda can be taken to fulfills partial requirements for the Ma Yoga Prenatal Yoga Certification Program, which is a Yoga Alliance registered, all-online RPYT Certification Program. It includes modules in prenatal yoga teacher training, therapeutic healing principles for women in their childbearing years, and our labor training and birth class online.

Whether you’re a yogi or just someone who wants to finally step into your greatest potential for radiant vitality without giving too much time to it, I created this Ayurveda training to fit into and improve your busy life.

You’ll get answers to questions such as:

· I’m not sleeping well. What can I do to sleep better?

· I am having digestive issues. Are there foods I shouldn’t be eating?

· I tend to get a colds and allergies. How can I use food to stay healthy, without living in the kitchen?

· I can’t lose weight and I’m done with dieting. How to do it in a healthy way?

· I feel exhausted all the time. How can I find more energy?

· I’m stressed and anxious. What small lifestyle shifts can I make that pack a big bang for their buck?

Find Radiant Wellness – No Matter How Busy You Are!

As a working mom of a baby and 3 year old, I felt overwhelmed by all the anchor practices at first, but if you have a busy life, Jess can help you individually tackle each practice by adding them weekly or even more leisurely.

Before you know it you’ve incorporated all the anchor practices into your life and it’s such a small investment to do so! I especially liked all the Ayurvedic cooking and spice adding tips! My kids and I are eating so healthy now. Thank you Jess!

In this Ayurveda training, I’ll teach you how to:

· Use food and spices as medicine to maintain vital wellness for you and your family

· Understand your unique constitution and balance it with specific food and self-care practices

· Incorporate self-care routines called “Anchor Practices” that give you more energy, help you sleep better, and support your immune system

· Follow a natural daily rhythm that supports your physiology, so your energy stays steady throughout the day

· Apply Ayurvedic principles to different life stages including menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum and motherhood, and for kids.

Ma Yoga is a hub for women who feel too busy to put themselves on their To Do list. We offer pregnancy yoga online, programs for back pain and meditation for people who don’t like meditating, and wonderful online trainings for yoga teachers. Come become the “Ma” you want to be!

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